Roosts Kitchen Opens in Hamden with Sous Vide Style Cooking

Roost Kitchen in Hamden, the latest brainchild of the Eli’s Restaurant Group is completely locally owned and operated. The menu starts with the chicken sandwich – but with several twists: starting with a unique sous vide cooking technique which creates an incredibly juicy on the inside, crunchy on the outside sandwich, and continues with a variety of unique toppings from Napa Cabbage Slaw to Carolina Reaper Pepper Buffalo Sauce that you won’t see at just any fast casual restaurant.

Roosts Kitchen Opens in Hamden with Sous Vide Cooking

Photo Credit: Allegra

Start with the simplest sandwich in order to really get the flavor and texture of the chicken: the Super Chicken, featuring: fried chicken, pickles, roost sauce, and a potato bun. A la carte sides include hand cut fries and more playful options, such as sea salt edamame. All sandwiches may also be ordered with a gluten free bun and the breading is always gluten free, which lowers cross contamination risks for those with gluten intolerance.

This is fast casual in name only – you’ll receive it quickly – but don’t expect a long list of impossible to decipher chemicals or a faceless corporate facade. The ingredients are locally sourced and top quality, and along with a dizzying array of chicken sandwiches to sample, you’ll find a hefty list of salad options such as the Kale Ceasar, featuring: baby kale, shaved Brussels, Parmesan crisps, heirloom tomatoes, and Caesar dressing. Another local partnership is reflected in the beer menu, featuring a rotating seasonal selection from favorites such as Two Roads Brewing. Roost plans on offering beer sampling with local breweries in addition to a grand opening celebration in January.

Roost Co-Founder Ellis Reilly says: “All of us grew up in Hamdem and we wanted to bring something new to the community that brought us up. So we decided to create an every day kind of restaurant where high quality and low price meets quick and delicious. And we’re not just a chicken place – we designed bowls, snacks, shakes, beer, and wine, so that we could provide something for everyone: a gathering place where everyone could come to roost.” He also recommended for people that want to start cooking that one of the most important things is to have your kitchen clean, or sometimes it’s even better if you remodel it from scratch and transform it into a comfortable place for you. Contact Room Four Renovations Hawthorn for more information and advice.

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