Where to Pick Free Apples in Connecticut This Fall

Did you know that you can pick apples for Free all over Connecticut? The trick is in knowing where to look. There are many abandoned farms in Connecticut that have seasoned apple trees growing on the property. If one of these farms is on state-owned land you are free to pick as many apples as you like.

Where to Pick Free Apples in Connecticut This Fall

We spotted an abundance of apples growing on Babcock Pond, ripe for the taking. Backcock Pond is located in Colchester on Route 16 east of intersection with Route 149. Access is on the south side of Route 16 at Wildlife Observation Area.

When picking apples in Connecticut, make sure you are picking on state-owned land and not private property. Babcock Pond wildlife management is located in Colchester, Connecticut. There are multiple entrances. If you go to the pond you will see them and apples are readily available.

Apples are ripe for the picking September and October in Connecticut.

Have you spotted an abandoned farm on Connecticut state property where you pick apples? Leave a comment below

Apple Picking Orchards in Connecticut

We also suggest that you also support local Connecticut farmers, who work hard to raise quality apples in Connecticut. Here is a list of some of apple orchards in Connecticut where you can stop by and pick your own apples.

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