A Portable Jumper Starter will keep you on the road

When you jump in your car and the battery won’t start what do you do? Often you are stranded on the side of the road or late for work. It’s a huge hassle. With a portable jump starter your worries are over. The Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter is a compact and a convenient way to jump start a dead battery in your car, boat, ATV, garden tractor, and more. It starts your engine, charges your phone, and comes in a convenient case so you have everything you need when you need it.

Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

With this portable jump starter you never have to look for your jumper cables because the kit comes complete with jumper cables, car charger and other charging cables for mobile devices. You won’t have to endure that long wait for AAA or a tow when you keep the Audew Heavy Duty Jump Starter kit in your vehicle. It can be stored in your glove compartment so it is readily available if and when you may need it.

Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

The Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter also acts as a charger for most mobile devices – smartphones, tablets – as well as digital cameras, portable gaming devices, MP3 players and more. And, you won’t be caught without a light either because has a powerful LED and emergency light built right in.

Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

Powerful and Compact

Jump start your vehicle (Up to 5L Gas or 3L Diesel Engine) up to 20 times with 13800mAh large capacity and heavy duty clamps and cables. Compact enough to store in your glovebox.

Smarter Charger

Dual smart USB charger, a portable power bank for all your electronic equipment.

Advanced Intelligent Protection

Built in needle in jumping port to prevent from overtemperature. With an built-in high quality Smart Chip and Smart Power Control Processor, the jump cable provides multiple security protection for short circuit, over charge, over current, over discharge, balance-charge as well as reverse connection.

Powerful LED Light & Emergency Light

Equipped with a LED light with 3 modes (regular, strobe and SOS)

Unlikely other cheaply made jump starters, AUDEW is covered with premium aluminum alloy metal, effectively prevent scratch, collision and dissipate heat much more than plastic and rubber material, more durable & firm than most similar products out there!

Audew Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

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