Where to Find Wild Raspberries in Connecticut

Did you know that wild raspberries are abundant in Connecticut, just waiting for you to come pick them? Wild raspberries are growing right under our noses and in early August they are ready to pick. You just need to know where to find them in Connecticut and then learn how to spot them so you know you are picking the right ones.

Wild Raspberries in Connecticut

Photo Source: Christina (Flickr)

Wild raspberries are perfect for eating right off the bush or to put in desserts, fruit salads, to top ice cream and even add to cocktails and smoothies. Nothing on the Internet will fully prepare you to identify wild raspberries plants outdoors. If you are worried that you might eat something poisonous and come across what you think is a wild raspberry bush, take a piece of it to your local nursery or the Connecticut Extension office in your area to verify what you have found is genuine.

Where to find wild raspberries in Connecticut

Photo Source: Michael Head (Flickr)

You’ll find wild raspberries across most of Connecticut tangled up in thorny brambles. Raspberries bushes are low growing so look look down towards the roots of the trees when you are hiking about. They bloom in late spring and produce berries in summer. Try and keep an eye out for the red berries as you’re hiking. Don’t bother with the unripe white ones and grab the raspberries that are dark red and juicy.

Where to find wild raspberries in Connecticut

Photo Source: Neenja (Flickr)

Want a hint where to look for wild raspberries in Connecticut? We have spotted wild raspberries growing at Gillette’s Castle and Devil’s Hopyard and easily pick 3 or 4 bushels each time to come across these sweet fruits. Follow the paths and look for the low bushes. You may have to go off the path a bit to find bushes that are still full of berries. Any bushes close to a path will most likely be picked clean. But, you need to be quick because by the middle of August they have been picked clean wildlife and birds.

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