Where We Ate: Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant, located in New Haven on Chapel Street offers modern American custom cuisine with Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean influence as well as an extensive wine list from the United States and around the world.

Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant
1104 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 777-2500

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We ate at Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant in New Haven for Restaurant Week. This was our first experience dining at this restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed it was bustling with people and almost every table was full. We found out that Harvest Wine Bar recently open in New Haven this past Fall so it could be the newness of the restaurant or the Restaurant Week specials but we’re happy to see that a lot of people were deep in conversation and enjoying their meal. Harvest Wine Bar has another location in Greenwich as well.

Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

Our waiter was really friendly and gave us his suggestions from the Restaurant Week menu. While he was definitely a “wine guy” he also suggested several cocktails. We tried a Mango Martini and Moscow Mule, which were made the way we expect. We didn’t notice any signature cocktails but I believe this restaurant is most known for their wine, hence the words Wine Bar in the title.

Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

This is the Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad, an appetizer that is off of the regular menu. This unique salad was very tasty and made with Parmean Risotto cake, and Truffle vinaigrette.

Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

Grilled Calamari was another one of our menu choices. The Calamari is made with crispy fried tentacles, jalapenos, cilantro, and whipped avocado. It did not disappoint.

Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

The Mac and Cheese single-sized appetizer is made with cavetelli pasta, Cabot White Cheddar, and toasted bread crumbs. This was also very good.

Harvest Wine Bar New Haven

Seared Fish was also on the Restaurant Week special menu. Not sure the saffron risotto was completely cooked but the fish and seared asparagus were good.

Nutella Crepes Truffle ice cream

This is one of the desserts. I would go back just to eat more of this – and gain a few pounds in the process – the Nutella Crepes with house-made truffle ice cream. OMG! It was amazing. No other words are needed to describe it. I swear I could taste it the next afternoon.

Several of the waiters (there were at least 3 for some reason) who were serving our tables forgot about us (at least twice) and dinner took about 20 minutes to arrive after we were served the appetizers and they served our coffee after our dessert was finished – cold coffee too – but they were definitely attentive and I came to the conclusion that it must be because they weren’t ready for all of the customers Restaurant Week brought in. This restaurant definitely deserves a second visit.

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