Tour the Connecticut River on Slipaway River Tours

Slipaway River Tours offers seasonal sightseeing tours and charters on the Connecticut River in the Hartford area.  The Slipaway is a small tour boat, seating 20 passengers, ensuring that the trip will be an engaging experience with Captain Bill Keyt and his Crew.

Tour the Connecticut River on Slipaway Tours

Tours are narrated and highlight the River as a regional treasure; a resource rich in history, recreational enjoyment and natural beauty. Outings also promote the environmental significance of the river and how it can be cared for and further appreciated.

The Slipaway River Tour season runs from June until mid-October with schedules published daily. Riders can board in Hartford and Glastonbury on weekends and as announced. Reservations are not necessary so passengers can pay as they board.

Tour the Connecticut River on Slipaway Tours

Prices vary by length of tour and vary from $8 to $20 per person. Kids 10 and under are discounted. For more information visit, follow on Facebook and Instagram, or call the Hot Line at 860-643-2400.

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