The Cake Lady Offers Cupcake Decorating Classes in New London

Whether you’re a kid or an adult you will really enjoy decorating cupcakes at The Cake Lady in New London in the New London Shopping Center next to Burlington Coat Factory. The Cake Lady is open Tuesday – Friday 8:30 am to 8 pm, Saturday 7 am to 5 pm and is closed on Sunday and Monday.

The Cake Lady Cupcake Decorating Classes New London

We found out about the cupcake classes through a local newspaper and decided to check them out for ourselves. The store is large, clean and well organized. The area where you decorate your cupcakes is large and there are enough tables and space for probably up to 20 people at once. Every 2 people share one table. They close the doors once the last person has arrived and lock them so no one comes in to disturb the class. I thought that was very thoughtful of them because it means they are giving you their full attention.

The Cake Lady Cupcake Decorating Classes New London

The class was very well organized. The cupcakes were already baked and ready on the tables along with icing bags. Each table had their own supplies. The cupcakes we were to decorate were prepared on a plate in the center on a table so we could see the finished product and throughout the class they were passed around so we could use them as a guide.

One instruction stood at the front of the class and a second helper was in the center to demonstrate each technique we were to use. There were 4 cupcakes and each had it’s own design. The designs were so cute and unique and incorporated multiple techniques but were easy enough for a beginner to master. They also over more advanced cupcake decorating classes.

The Cake Lady also offers custom birthday parties at their location in New London. Visit their website at for full details

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