10 Of Our Favorite Connecticut Cocktails

We have written about our 10 favorite restaurants in Connecticut so why not tell you about our 10 favorite cocktails that we drink on a regular basis. Maybe you will find a new favorite too and if you have a favorite, please share it below and let us know what restaurant is serving it so we can try it too.

Please check with the restaurants listed as these may have changed since we visited.

These are in no particular order but I do have to say right now the first one is my favorite. Do you have a favorite cocktail at your favorite restaurant? Share both below.

Blueberry Champagne Martini, Michael Jordans Sports Bar Cafe

Blueberry Champagne Martini

Michael Jordan’s Sports Bar & Cafe at Mohegan Sun serves up some great cocktails. Our favorite is the Blueberry Champagne Martini Recipe made with Brut Champagne. While you’re there try one of our favorites dishes like the Filet Mignon & Spinach Salad, French Dip or the Black & Blue Burger.

High Rollers Lounge "In The Money" Cocktail

“In The Money” Cocktail

The “In The Money” cocktail can be found at the High Rollers Lounge at Foxwoods Resort Casino. This cocktail uses Grey Goose Vodka, Connecticut’s own Ripe Bar Juice and fresh crushed basil all briskly shaken together. We have gotten good at making this drink at home. Don’t be fooled by the name of the lounge because this bar is open to the public. We often go there and indulge in this tasting concoction and eat dinner too. They have great food there and I often think this is a hidden gem because everyone thinks they need to be high roller to eat and drink

Maggie McFly's Barbie's Dream House Martini

Barbie’s Dream House Martini

Maggic McFly’s located in Glastonbury, Brookfield, Southbury, Middlebury and Manchester serves up some fun and funky drinks. Our favorite is the Barbie’s Dream House Martini made with with Raspberry Vodka, Pomegranate Liqure, lemon juice, strawberry puree, agave nectar, champagne and rimmed with Pop Rocks! This martini is both tart and sweet and features an electric ice cube that you get to take home with you.

Inifinity Hall Bistro Ruby Tuesday Cocktail

“The Ruby Tuesday” Cocktail

Infinity Hall Bistro in Hartford is the place to listen to live music and eat lunch or dinner at the Bistro. During the summer we sat outside and ordered lunch and several cocktails. One of them is The Ruby Tuesday. The Ruby Tuesday is a refreshing blend of Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka with a splash of fresh grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and Cointreau. While you are there you must try their hush puppies – a huge favorite or ours.

Gin and Tonic Upgrade, Parallel Post, Bootleg Greg, Mixologist

Gin and Tonic Upgrade

Parallel Post in Trumbull is a favorite restaurant of ours. This drink is a unique concoction that master mixologist, Bootleg Greg made up and even has the ice cubes patented. He takes cucumber slices and places them in ice cube trays in a special arrangement and then freezes them ahead of time. He doesn’t use water, only the cucumber juice. The straw is another cucumber that has been cut into a straw and has a hole down the center for sipping the drink. Such a unique drink that took a lot of imagination to create.  Drinking this amazing cocktail through the cucumber straw gave it an extra fresh and light taste.

Aspen Restaurant & Bar "Aspen75" Cocktail

“Aspen75” Cocktail

The Aspen75 cocktail from Aspen Restaurant and Bar in Old Saybrook features English Dry gin, blueberries, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne. You must try their Truffle fries and cheese plate for an appetizer and Stonington Scallops, Aspen Burger or Red Wine Marinated Hanger Steak for dinner.

The Campfire Cocktail Carl Anthonys

“The Campfire” Cocktail

Carl Anthony’s Trattoria came up with a cocktail that is a mixture of drink, dessert and flaming marshmallows. This drink is so much fun because they set the marshmallow on fire when they serve it to you so it literally makes your eyes light up. The Campfire is basically an adult S’Mores that includes Smirnoff Fluffed Vodka, Emmets Irish Creme, chocolate and graham rim with a toasted marshmallow. The alcohol is set on fire to toast the marshmallow thus creating quite a spectacle.

Oak and Almond Norwalk Spicy Bloody Mary

Spicy Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary cocktails are a staple for Sunday brunches everywhere you go. When we tried the Oak + Almond Norwalk Spicy Bloody Mary it was rich and flavorful, full bodied and topped with a carrot, onion, olive and lemon. It has a nice combination of ingredients with abundant horseradish adding the correct amount of “kick.” It was the highlight of this Sunday brunch.

NIXS Hartford Bazzle Dazzle

“Bazzle Dazzle” Cocktail

NIXS Hartford’s own concoction, the Babble Dazzle, features Bolonist Islay Dry gin, Peach Sterrings, muddled basil, simple syrup, and fresh Meyer lemon juice. NIXS Hartford serves shareable plates like tator tots and pork belly. It has turned into a “happening” nightspot you must check out some weekend.

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  1. I loved Bootleg Greg’s creations at Parallel Post and my fave cocktail at Nixs Hartford is the Beach Please. I also thought the cracker jack martini’s at Bobby V’s were quite original. Check my review of those restaurants and many more at Juliedible blog http://wp.me/P4lSZQ-n .


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