Sun, Shade, Deer? Choose the Perfect Flowers for your Garden

Whether you’re planting on a balcony, gardening in the shade, struggling with hungry deer, or looking for the perfect plant to thrive in that relentless, hot sun – there is a variety for everyone and every garden setting if you need to add more light.

By choosing the right plants for your garden this season, you will enjoy a successful,  awe-inspiring garden without the stress of managing stressed-out plants!

Sun, Shade, Deer? Choose the Perfect Flowers for your Garden

Drought Tolerant Perennials & Bulbs

Drought tolerant perennials and bulbs thrive in hot, sunny spots and once established can thrive with very little supplemental water. If you live in a drought-prone area or simply want to reduce your water bills, these drought resistant plants are the perfect choice for your garden.

Shade Loving Perennials & Bulbs

Want to add gorgeous color to your shade garden this season? A shady spot in your garden offers the opportunity to grow some wonderful, unique plant selections that not only tolerate shade but actually prefer it. Some varieties for spring planting include……

Deer Resistant Perennials & Bulbs

With an estimated 20 million white tailed deer in the U.S., there are more deer than the populations of every U.S. state except California and Texas. Do you have a problem with pesky deer munching on your precious plants? We have hundreds of bulbs and perennials that deer tend to stay away from. Most of these plants are very fragrant, an attribute that is very appealing to gardeners, but not to deer. These scented plants tend to be resistant to rabbits as well.

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