Make Your Walls Come Alive with Mural Wallpaper

If your walls are looking bland and you want to liven them up, try a wallpaper mural to add fun as well as function. We recently received a mural wallpaper to test out in our home and decided upon a wallpaper mural world map to add to a basement wall to make a corner for the kids. Murals Wallpaper has a good selection of maps from bright and colorful to antique and traditional.

The mural wallpaper is incredibly detailed in design and makes a fun addition to a child’s bedroom or nursery, or basement play area and is educational at the same time. If a map isn’t something you would choose for your home, you can choose from a lot of other designs.

Murals Wallpaper is passionate about beautiful wallpaper and their high quality wall murals brings together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces.

Mural Wallpaper patterns

When you browse the Murals Wallpaper website you can spend hours finding the right design for your home but once you do, you will be provided with a lot of help to make sure your mural wallpaper works on the wall you want to put it on, and you know what you are doing once it arrives.

Liven your Walls with Mural Wallpaper

To begin the process of choosing your wallpaper, visit the Murals Wallpaper website and browse the designs. Then, measure up your wall and input the full height and width. That’s all there is to it. They print your wallpaper custom to fit your wall and ship it to you. You can install a picture hanging rail system whether you are a homeowner, an art lover or a gallery operator to have an easier way to display your art.

The World map wallpaper that we chose is full of famous monuments, animals from different countries and cultural images that mark many places around the world. The kids not only enjoy looking at the characters but as a map, it is also a fantastic teaching tool.

Mural World Map Wallpaper

Actual photo of the mural map wallpaper on our wall. Our was large, measuring about 90″ high. The teddy bear is about 3 to 4″ tall.

Mural World Map Wallpaper

Stock photo of the mural wallpaper from their website which is pretty true-to-life.

The mural wallpaper arrives in a tube and comes in sections. Each section has printed guides on it. Once you cut the sections apart then follow the instructions to piece it together on the wall. You are provided with printed instructions as well as PDF instructions that can be accessed using sodapdf. Make sure to follow these correctly to ensure the pattern lines up. If you need help figuring out how to add your wallpaper to a concrete wall, there are instructions for that as well. You will need standard wallpaper paste to put on the wall. The wallpaper is very good quality and durable.

Mural Map Wallpaper

If you aren’t ready to place an order for a full set of wallpaper, try them out by ordering a sample pack. This is UK company but they also ship to the US. There are many, many designs to choose from.

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