How to Tie a Women’s Neck Scarf

If you like wearing scarves around your neck and are looking for different ways to wear them, we have some instructions for you. Scarves not only provide warmth for your neck when it is cold outside, but they are stylish and fashionable too. A scarf is a great way to spruce up just a pair of jeans and t-shirt without a lot of fuss. Follow the steps below to learn how to tie your own neck scarf.

We have included two ways to tie a woman’s neck scarf and instructions for both.

Scarf Tying Idea #1

To tie the first neck scarf, loop the scarf around your neck until it looks like the first photo. Twist the middle. Take one end and put it through the front of the loo[. Take the other end and put it up through the loop from the back.

How to Tie a Women's Neck Scarf

Scarf Tying Idea #2

This second scarf requires that one end is longer than the other. Fold it in half and then grab the loop and put the ends through. Take the longer end and pull it up under through the middle and over. Then tuck it under and you’re done.

How to Tie a Women's Neck Scarf

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Watch this video from Coldwater Creek to show you some other ways to tie a scarf around your neck.

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What is your favorite way to wear a neck scarf?

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