How to Care for and Plant a Living Christmas Tree

Making the decision to buy a live tree instead of a cut tree or an artificial tree is can be a great option, especially if you are going to plant it in your yard to enjoy year after year. But, without some preparation, the things can go wrong in the process. “There are a lot of steps in the process,” says Nurseryman Mike McGroarty. “Armed with good information you will select a healthy tree and by following the simple steps in the guide you will take good care of your tree and get it planted properly in the yard.” You can’t afford to take chances with your tree service provider – which is why Tree Service Iowa City IA guarantee customer satisfaction! They offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services

How to Care for and Plant a Live Christmas Tree

McGroarty says, people make mistakes that jeopardize the health and well-being of the tree because don’t prepare and educate themselves first. McGroarty wants to make people understand exactly what is going on with the tree that they purchase. “Like all plants, evergreen trees follow a twelve month cycle that coincides with the outside weather conditions,” says McGroarty. “Bringing an evergreen tree inside of a warm house in the middle of December can really be disrupting to the tree. The better you understand what the tree is thinking, the more success you will have with your living Christmas tree project.”

Since bringing an evergreen tree inside of a warm house in December is not the best thing you can do for a tree, McGroarty’s tree planting guide shows you how to minimize the negative effects on your precious living Christmas tree. Then another wonderful addition to the garden has to be fruit trees as they are lovely and also give you fresh fruit, we found this online supplier of fruit trees who are great so do have a look.

McGroarty’s Christmas Tree Planting Guide will help you figure out the best tree to purchase, suggestions for how to bring a living Christmas tree complete with the root ball inside of the house, the best depth for planting your tree in the round, tips for fertilizing your free and more. Read his guide to learn exactly what you should do to prepare for your living Christmas Tree purchase.

Besides being a nurseryman Mike McGroarty is also an online gardening educator. His popular gardening blog; Mike’ is packed full of unique and valuable “how to” gardening information as well as photos of he and his wife hanging out with their beloved miniature donkeys which are a big hit with his followers.

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