Essentials for Glamping “Glamorous Camping”

The ability to camp out in comfort is possible when the family goes camping is called “glamping”, or glamorous camping. Glamping can get as fancy as you can afford, or have space in the car to carry as much as possible. Every luxury can be arranged when glamping, so much so that it might feel like you are spending the night at a hotel instead of camping out in the wilderness.


If the family has never camped before and you want to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone, there are several items you can pack up for the trip. If, on the other hand, you are used to camping out with the family but are looking to do something new, use these tips to glam up your next trip.

glamping essentials, glamorous camping
Tent by Glamping Canvas Bell Tent by Strawberry Hills

glamping essentials, glamorous camping

Location, Location, Location

Camping is all about the location, and when you plan on glamping the place where you pitch your tent is more important. You want to make sure your trip is comfortable, but also exciting, so being near outdoor activities that out do a quaint hike through the woods is important. Find locations to camp that are near whitewater rafting opportunities, ATV trails and rock climbing destinations.

glamping essentials, glamorous camping

Pass On the Pup Tent

Since luxury and comfort are the goal, a large, compartmentalized tent needs to be found. Look for a tent that can sleep well over the number of individuals than are actually needed, have individual rooms, a communal living space and an entryway to stash shoes and outdoor gear. Decorate your glamping tent with pendant stringer flags, and strings of lights if electricity if available. And, don’t forget the tent fan. In addition to a tent for sleeping in, the ideal campsite requires a screened dining tent and canopies for relaxing under.

glamping essentials, glamorous camping

Beds and Hammocks

When you’re glamping, you need to think about where you are going to lay your bed at night. Fortunately, camping now affords you the chance to lay out a cot or fill up a large double top air mattress. Neither leaves you feeling like you’re sleeping on rocks and with the right amount of blankets it can be super comfortable. For outside the tent consider adding a padded fabric hammock that can be hung from nearby trees or a hammock stand, in addition to pop up chairs and lounge chairs. Make sure your chairs come with fold out tables for your dining pleasure.

glamping essentials, glamorous camping

Dining in Comfort

Forget cooking out over an open fire with high quality camp stove, propane grills, prepped meals and gourmet dining can all be arranged when you are glamping. Your choices depend on your budget, but you can definitely be made to feel like you are bar-b-queing at home or dining out on the town.

Camp stoves such as the Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 burners will let you have gourmet meals out in the wild. Don’t sit outside in the cold. A tabletop propane heater is great for chilly nights. They operate on a disposable propane gas 16.4 oz cylinder or bulk tank.

camping, solar lanterns, Goal Zero, Solar Lighting, Coleman Quad Lantern, Glamping

Light the Way

Lanterns are a must and these lanterns give you more than you ever expected. A Battery Powered LED Waterproof tent lamp works great as a flashlight and a tabletop lantern and can charge your mobile device with it. The Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Solar Lantern which doubles as a lantern, device charger and warning signal and can also be charged with a crank, to the Coleman Carabineer Lantern that has four removal LED panels that act as individual lanterns, you will never be left out in the dark.

Solar Chargers for Glamping

Charge Your Devices

Camp lights, portable speakers, solar lights, smartphone battery boosters are some of the essentials you will need for your glamping trip.

The Blackfire Camplight acts as an LED flashlight, immediate roadside flare and strobe signal, all in one. Portable speakers have come a long way and Kinivo makes a super small, fit in the palm of your hand, bluetooth speaker that is super affordable too at around $20. The EWA Mini portable speaker is compatible with any mobile device and let’s brings your favorite tunes to-go. Don’t let your smartphone or tablet’s battery run down. Bring along a battery booster or charger case such as the Anker Battery Charger. Charge two devices at once with super efficiency. A solar charger is a great option because you can charge it whenever you want.

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