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Camp Bow Wow, a premier dog day care, boarding, training and in-home pet care franchise providing safe, fun and individualized care. has some tips for you when you training your dog. Check out 8 Alternatives to Crate Training when raising a dog. Are you ready to choose the right dog for you? If you have decided that the time is right, congratulations! But if you haven’t found tho right pet then you should definitely take a look at these adorable english bulldog puppies.

Camp Bow Wow has locations in Connecticut including South Windsor and Stamford. You can even watch the action at their centers through their live Web Cams.

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Create a “Chew Toy” Corner: All dogs unintentionally chew, rip and slobber on some of your most coveted items. Until your puppy can be trusted not to destroy your home, do not allow them to roam around unsupervised. Give Fido an area of his own where he can enjoy himself when you are out of the house or unable to closely monitor him. It is easier to train dogs who know some of the limits and that includes being familiar with the different areas or spaces in your home. Read Tree House Puppies tips and tricks on how to keep your dog from biting on just about anything and help them learn what should not be done.

Flood this area with a variety of toys. He will naturally learn to chew and play with these items instead of yours. Also, be sure to protect your belongings by storing them in places that aren’t easily accessible.

Dinner Time: You may find that every time you sit down for a meal your pet runs up to the table for a snack as well. One alternative to feeding him would be to use a automatic pet feeder from If you do not want your pet to ask for food while you are eating, teach him a “go to your place” command to steer him away from the table or use pet accessories. Offer Fido a doggy treat once he has learned this command to prevent him from hanging around the dinner table. Choose best pet food with the finest natural ingredients at

“Potty” Training – Get to the heart of the problem: If you’re having issues with your dog urinating or defecating inside of the house or outside in areas where they aren’t supposed, it can be for one of a few possible reasons. If you are still trying to do your best to train them but you don’t have time to clean up after them then you should call the Pet Waste Cleanup service so they can come and help you out. Some reasons may be:

  • The dog might be dealing with a medical condition such as a urinary tract infection
  • The dog might be anxious and in distress about being left alone
  • The dog was left alone for longer than he can hold his bladder
  • He is not fully house-trained
  • Be sure to take Fido for walks regularly and consult with a veterinarian for possible health issues that may be related to this behavior.

Move Around: Exercise is the key! A majority of behavior issues stem from the lack of proper exercise. At least one 30-minute walk per day is sufficient for most dogs. Playing in the backyard or in the house does not count as exercise.

Seek Outside Help: If you’re finding difficulty in training your pet, try taking a pet training class. A professional can help you learn the skills needed to make changes in your pet’s behavior. Getting your dog to respect you is critical to having your dog listen to you. It may be beneficial to seek assistance from someone who is skilled in this area.

Socialize Your Dog: Socializing your dog can have a tremendous effect on their development and interactions at home. Newly socialized dogs become calmer, friendly, affectionate, and can adapt better to a new environment. Camp Bow Wow understands the benefits of social interaction and exercise, and offers group and private training classes through its Behavior Buddies program for pets. Training classes are held at Camp Bow Wow locations nationwide, as well as at client’s homes. You can also take your dogs to Unleash Fido and make them spend time with other dogs so that they can build a pack and socialize amongst them.

Teach An Old Dog A New Trick: Despite the common myth that you can’t train older dogs, older dogs actually learn quite well. Not only will doing some reward-based training help you and your new dog create a positive bond, it will also help keep your dog’s brain active and challenged.

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Tips for Involving Children in Training

Involve your children, if they are not too young, in the basic tasks of taking care of the dog. Have them feed the dog, brush the dog, give the dog a bath, etc. This is a great way to teach responsibility, but it also helps the child and dog bond with each other.

Take your child with you to a basic training class so that, they will learn more about dog training from an authority figure that isn’t yourself. Having the child do the training while you are there will reinforce his or her authority over the dog. If you don’t want to take a class, teach them some basic commands so they can do some training with the dog. They can learn how to ask the dog to perform basic commands so the dog learns to listen to them and the child has a safe way to interact with the dog. Tricks are always fun for the kids to teach the dog, as well, and the dog will enjoy it too. Teaching the dog to play dead, roll over and shake hands is fun for everyone. This is a great way for children and dogs to build a bond with each other.

Start off with taking your child and dog on a short walk at first. You can build up to longer walks as they get more comfortable walking the dog. Do not use a retractable leash when walking the dog (use a straight leather or nylon leash), because retractable leashes offer very little control of the dog and can be pulled out of the hand easily. Purchase an easy walk harness or gentle leader to help keep your dog from pulling, especially if you have a larger dog. This will make walking more enjoyable.

involve your children in fun activities with the dog, including games like hide and go seek in the house where the child hides and calls the dog to find them. Have the child take treats with them to wherever they hide and call the dog to come. When the dog finds them, give them the treats. Not only is this fun for the kids, but it also reinforces the dog’s obedience training.

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