Book Review: Garden Design & Planning Specialist Guide

Garden Design & Planning by A. & G. Bridgewater is a Specialist Guide from Creative Homeowner. Beginning gardeners and experts alike will appreciate this practical advice on virtually every aspect of gardening – from choosing a plot to selecting flowers and water features. The instructions and advice encompass plans and proven techniques for planting traditional English, Japanese, herb, and rock gardens, and building structures such as fences and walls, arches, pergolas and trellises, as well as decking and pathways. This book features more than 300 color photographs, illustrations and diagrams ensure that anyone can create a glorious garden.

We received this book from the publisher for an honest review.

Garden Design & Planning Specialist Guide

Our Review

Garden Design & Planning is a complete guide to doing just about anything about gardens that a homeowner might desire. The author starts with thoughts about enjoying the garden, then assessing where you want to be. Inspiration, design techniques, and planning are the first steps, then a shopping list of tools and materials. Finally, how to mark out your proposed site.

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garden planning

The book is charmingly illustrated with colorful line drawings and photographs emphasizing the steps described, making it easier to understand the instructions. Even the table of contents is well-defined with colorful boxes for each section.

Garden planning yard chart

The author mentions that the garden “might not be much bigger than a small room, but this does not mean that you cannot turn it into the best room in the house – a room with a ceiling that stretches right up to the sky.”

Once the preliminaries are taken care of, the book continues with detailed instructions on building walls, fences, hedges, gates, patios, decking, paths and steps, lawns and edgings, borders, pergolas, arches, and trellises, and garden buildings or sheds. The garden design types are many: cottage, kitchen, water, modern, Mediterranean, formal English, secluded city, Japanese, Wild meadow, herb, wildlife, rock, and patio.

Garden Planning Chart

The book finishes with a full A-Z section of specific plants and how to incorporate them into your chosen design.

Well-written, easy to understand, and nicely designed, this book is a must for anyone wanting to enhance their property with a new or newly-renovated garden.

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