How to Accessorize and Decorate Your School Locker

It’s back to school they go and tweens and teens will be decorating their lockers like you can’t believe. When I was growing up you might put a pictures or two on the locker walls or place that special flower someone bought for you during Homecoming week but today’s teen are much more sophisticated than that.

Teens and tweens don’t just add photos to their lockers, they are adding wallpaper, photo frames, mirrors, shag carpet, shelving, and even mini chandeliers. This is just the start of the national locker decorating craze! I think it’s a great way for kids to show their personality. Who knows, maybe the next Martha Stewart will be born from the halls of school lockers.

Need a little inspiration to decorate your own locker?

Check out some of the great ideas we found.

LockerLookz is a company that let’s girls get your custom mix-and-match school locker design collections of wallpaper, accessories, rugs and more. LockerLookz was born when two moms, Christi and JoAnn, saw how excited their pre-teen girls became about decorating their first school locker. You can even use their site to design the look of your locker and buy everything you need in one neat package. Recently we partnered with a College Prep High School to provide some neat activities for the students there. We helped them decorate their lockers to make the school a bit more lively, and to boost school spirit! Everyone seemed pretty engaged, and I think it was a great success.

locker frame decals

How to Accessorize and Decorate Your School Locker

Now that you have some ideas, just where can you buy your locker accessories? We found lots of locker accessories at The Container Store, Staples, Target,

How to Accessorize and Decorate Your School Locker

To bling out your locker you will need Magnetic Locker Wallpaper. This stuff makes it easy to apply and easy to take off when you graduate and have to turn over your locker back to the school. You can even buy Magnetic Dry Erase Locker Wallpaper that let’s you write on it and wipe it out when you want to change it.

And if you want to have a little fun with your friend’s photos, try out these Mustache Magnets.

How to Accessorize and Decorate Your School Locker, locker wallpaper

Transform your locker from basic to beautiful with wallpaper designs that make it easy for you to have an amazing locker in no time. No adhesives necessary. They’re held up by super strong magnets and fit most standard size lockers.

A shag rug adds a lot of character to your locker. These shag rugs are non-skid so they won’t move around in your locker.

Add a Magnetic Locker Chandelier with LED lights! It’s battery operated and flashes in seven bright colors. The batteries are included

locker chandeliers, How to Accessorize and Decorate Your School Locker

Removable photo frame decals add color and style to the inside of your locker. Using magnetic photo frames makes it easy to move them around your locker whenever you want.

It’s almost that time of the year again: back to school! Parents can’t wait for it, while kids frown at the thought of it. Whether you’re sending your children back to school or going back yourself, one of biggest tasks on your to-do list is back to school shopping. While back-to-school shopping can be fun, it can also be quite stressful, as there’s a lot you or your child is going to need to have a successful year ahead.

Ask for a shopping list

Have a game plan before you even start shopping. It’s easy to waste money on things you don’t need. Ask your school or your child’s teacher for a shopping list. If they don’t already have one prepared (and most will be prepared), they can at least provide you guidance on what to buy. It will make things much easier for you and take the guess work out of shopping. You’ll only buy exactly what you need and still be super prepared.

Stock up now

An entire school year can be quite long, but back-to-school deals only last for a few weeks. What about the rest of the year? Stock up now instead of buying supplies for only the next few months. Plan ahead and get what you need now so you can take advantage of the deals. Months from now, the same things will cost more.

Buy used

Kids might like new shiny things but it makes sense to buy used for certain items. For instance, your child is taking calculus this year and needs an expensive calculator. Does it make sense to spend over $100 on something he or she will only use for a few months? Probably not. Look for cheaper, gently used options instead. This is an especially important tip for college students who will need to purchase their own textbooks. Used is the way to go more often than you think.

Use what you already have

Remember to search your home first before you go out and spend. Many supplies, like notebooks and pens, are sitting in closets and desk drawers forgotten about and unused. Make use of what you already have. You can also reuse and re-purpose items from the previous school year, like backpacks and binders.

Share with others

It’s a great idea to share with your schoolmates. Consider sharing instead of everyone buying multiples of the same item. This will cut down on waste and save you money. If you or your child is heading off to college for the first time, get in touch with their roommate first and decide who’s bringing what. You don’t want to end up with two microwaves.

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