12 DIY Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts to Make for Mom

Some of the best gifts are actually the ones that are homemade and come from the heart and since you’re making them for mom, she will appreciate the time and effort that went into these gifts. This Mother’s Day why not make a gift mom will love and a gift she can use in her daily beauty regimen? I’m sure she’ll love it!

Mothers Day DIY Beauty Products Recipes

Coconut Lime DIY Bath Salts: Here’s a super simple bath salt that can whisk you away to the islands while you soak in the tub!

Lavender Bath Salts: If always enjoy soaking in a tub of warm water, infused with soothing and relaxing aroma, such as lavender. It really wash away the weariness and soreness from a long day of work.

Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Scrub: This brown sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth! The coconut oil is so healthy and won’t clog your pores.

Lemongrass Bath Salts: Looking for an easy DIY gift, or perhaps some delicious bath salts for yourself? Look not further because these Lemongrass Bath Salts are easy to make and will soothe the aches of your day away! Better yet, they are inexpensive to make so they make a great homemade gift!

DIY Lotion Bars: These lotion bars are an easy and inexpensive gift you can make for friends and family – perfect for the holidays, housewarming, birthdays or just because!

Mint Sugar Scrub: this Mint Sugar Scrub recipe is easy to make and the mint provides a cooling sensation to leave feet feeling refreshed.  This stuff is amazing! Some of my tips on how to prevent sore aching feet: don’t walk barefoot, use cream to keep your feet soft, wear a comfortable shoes with support and soak feet nightly.

DIY Lavender Bath Salts: a hot bath with soothing lavender bath salts are a wonderful way to relax and unwind. The primary ingredient in this DIY beauty recipe is Epsom salt, which helps to detoxify the body, soothes sore muscles, relieves stress, improves oxygen flow and much more. The second component is the lavender essential oil. Lavender also aids in relief of stress, and is calming. It’s especially good for soothing stiff joints, sore muscles, and headaches. You can see that Epsom salts and Lavender essential oil are a couple of power players when it comes to chilling out!

Pomegranate Hand Scrub: Add a pretty ribbon or piece of washi tape to decorate the jar.  Make a handmade gift tag and you have an extra special DIY gift for mom.

DIY Soap in a Crockpot: Would you believe you already have most of the ingredients needed in your kitchen to make homemade soap in a crockpot? There were literally only 4 ingredients in this DIY soap recipe including the water. Olive oil, coconut oil, lye and water, and of course, a crockpot!

DIY Make Up Remover: Use at night to remove eye makeup and as a moisturizing eye cream! This quite possibly could be the world’s most perfect eye cream too. Simple. Inexpensive. All-Natural. Multi-purpose, Anti-Aging!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Mint Bath Salts: To me, the best gifts were actually the ones that were homemade and came from the heart since I knew the families put time and effort into the gifts. If you want it to be a bit fancier, it is also pretty inexpensive to get Dead Sea Salt. I also include a printable gift tag to print out and use on your bath salts gift.

Soothing Homemade Lip Balm: This homemade lip balm is light and smells like just a hint of honey.  The warmth from your finger melts it a tiny bit, making it easy to swipe a little across your lips and it feels heavenly!

These Mother’s Day gift ideas are simple and easy and can be made with things you have in your kitchen.

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