Tour the Home of Distinction, See Comcast XFinity in Action

We were invited to tour the Home of Distinction in North Haven, Connecticut last week and also learn what Comcast XFinity has to offer in Connecticut. The Home of Distinction features state-of-the-art construction, top of the line materials, an amazing open floor plan, marble countertops, and high end appliances. It also features Comcast’s XFinity line of products including home security, Internet, cable and phone services.

Home of Distinction North Haven Connecticut

By touring the Home of Distinction you can check out what companies like Comcast, Connecticut Lighting Centers, Paramount Gallery, Trane, Furniture Barn, and see what they have to offer your home in Connecticut.

The Home of Distinction is open for public tours Friday through Saturday, 10am to 4pm and Sunday noon to 4pm. There is a $10 Admission fee but all proceeds are given to the Town of North Haven as a first donation in the building of a future park for the handicapped children of North Haven. (Kids 12 and under are FREE). The Home of Distinction is located at 2095 Whitney Ave, North Haven, CT 06473

Since we were invited by Comcast, let me tell you a little bit about what XFinity has to offer the residents of Connecticut.

Xfinity X1 is an entertainment operating system that gives Xfinity cable TV customers an interactive TV experience. You can easily find and watch pretty much any show or movie from TV, DVR, or Xfinity on Demand. The system can tailor its content to your likes and preferences, making search and find for your favorites a breeze. The coolest feature is the voice-controlled remote control, Just speak a show name, actor, music group, or anything really and the system will bring up a list of content that matches your request! Such an awesome feature.

XFinity X1 offers specially tailored-for-TV apps that let you bring in your Facebook feed, photos so you can see them on the big screen, let you check the weather and even play your Pandora playlist.

New on XFinity X1 is Kids Zone, is a safe and secure places for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming. You are always in control of what your kids watch.

Comcast XFinity Voice Remote

Have you ever wanted to know what you dog was up to when you weren’t home? How about your kids? With Xfinity Home, Comcast’s home security, control, and energy management platform, you can now stay connected to your home while we are on the go. With the Xfinity Home app, the web portal, or the touch screen console, you can set or disarm alarm systems, switch on the holiday lights, turn off a coffee pot, turn up the thermostat on a chilly afternoon before you get home for dinner, let the plumber in while we’re away, and much much more. The system will also notify you if the alarm is triggered or if a door or window opens while we’re gone. This system basically has your home covered on all fronts.

Comcast XFinity Home Security

Comcast XFinity has apps that make it more convenient to keep on top of everything. There’s an app for your TV, your account, WiFi, and even the TV Remote. Yes, there’s an app for that! Use one or all of the apps. Install them on your smartphone and tablet and you never have to use your computer again or even get off of the couch to check everything.

Comcast XFinity account apps

Take a tour of the Home of Distinction and to see Comcast XFinity in action to see what services work in your own home.

We were invited to the Home of Distinction by Comcast and provide a gift in exchange for letting you know what they have to offer. All opinions expressed in this article are our own and not that of Comcast.


  1. Great! I didn’t know the Home of Distinction was open to the public to view! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. The apps were fantastic and I loved the home security system.

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