The LG G3 Smartphone – Is it a Home Run??

We received a complimentary G3 Android smartphone from LG for testing and review. The first thing that I noticed upon removing the G3 from the box, was how slim and lightweight it was. Now the thought entered my mind; is it going to be sturdy enough to survive daily use and being stored in my front pants pocket when I am out and about. I am happy to report after a month of use it appears to be able to handle the wear and tear. There is very little flex of the phone, even with the slimness of it. I did purchase a case and screen protector though and highly suggest you do that with any smartphone purchase to help keep your phone safe and protected longer.

LG sent us the G3 for evaluation and the opinions are our own. Our goal is to share what the phone has to offer, give you a bit of our own opinion and let you decide for yourselves. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Before I go much further, here are some of the key specifications about the LG G3:

  • 5.5 inch Quad HD IPS display with 538 ppi
  • removable 3,000 MAH battery
  • 13 MP laser auto-focus rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization
  • 2.1 MP front camera
  • Runs Android 4.4 KitKat software
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 32 GB of internal memory with 24 GB that for user memory
  • Supports up to 2 TB microSDHC card
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) capable

lg g3 review

As with most Androids, the move from one phone to another was quite easy. I just installed the SIM card and SD card and it was ready to go for the most part. A few settings and apps did not transfer over, but were not a significant problem. I just had to re-install the apps. The settings that did not transfer could be the result of going from one brand of phone to a another brand. I owned a different Android smartphone before receiving this LG G3 phone.

lg g3 smartphone review

The on/off button and volume control, which are placed on the back of the phone, took a little getting used to. This location makes it easier for both right-handed or left-handed individuals. The buttons are recessed into the phone to maintain the smoothness of the phone’s body and overall appearance, just like a sleek racing car. In addition, with these located as they are, there are no protruding side or top buttons that can accidentally be pressed when picking up the phone or putting it into a pocket or purse.

With the phone off, one can bring up the camera by holding the volume down button for two or three seconds. Whereas, holding the volume up button with the phone off, for two or three seconds will open Quickmemo.

Note: the image below looks like the phone has a cracked screen, which it does not. This is just the background wallpaper that was being used when the photo was taken.

lg g3 smartphone review

The nice size 5.5 inch Quad HD screen makes the display exceptional clear and bright. LG did a nice job of keeping the G3 trim, but because of the screen size, the phone is bigger than those with screens less than 5 inches and that may take some getting used to as well.

LG has the “LG Health” app that you can personalize to show the number of steps you have taken and amount of calories you burn based on the settings you chose. You don’t need to tap an icon to bring it up. Just swipe to the right when you are on the home screen and it will open. You can also set a goal and it will show you how you are doing towards your goal. “Manage daily activities, record health information, and track weather to take control of your fitness.” LG Healths works by utilizing the phone’s sensors to monitor movement. Just put your phone in your pocket and it will record your movements.

lg g3 health monitor

The feature “clear all” makes it easy to clear all the recently opened apps. Simply press the Recent Apps key on main screen and it shows all the recently opened apps. Just hit the “clear all” button and they are gone. You can also set up dual windows from this screen.

The 13 MP rear camera, guided by the laser-detection auto-focus, provides good quality pictures, as good as some digital point-and-shoot cameras. For those of with unsteady hands, the Optical Image Stabilization assists in reducing blurry pictures. A proximity sensor is near the 2.1 mp front camera to assist in taking selfies.

Here is an example photo I took of one of our cats. I had the overhead light on and didn’t use the flash. The photo came out clear and crisp. If you look at the closeup of the image on the phone you would be able to see the hairs clearly as if you were right there.

lg g3 camera photo sample

This second image is the one shown above but I used the filters available under the settings for that photo. Just tap the pencil icon and you can add intensity, make the photos sharper, crop the image, add a frame and more. Once you save the image you can share it on your social accounts or send it to a friend by email right from the photo just by swiping down to get those options.

lg g3 camera photo filters

The speaker is mid-range with regards to quality of sound, but then again about what I expect from a phone.

Like other cell phones, battery life varies depending on what you use your phone for. I find that the more apps you keep running in the background, the faster a battery will drain. Make sure you are closing apps when you aren’t using them to save battery life. I ran “Google Maps” for nearly 10 hours starting with the battery at 100 percent and it was down to about 20 percent at the end of that time period. When the phone is minimally used the battery will last a couple days. On those days where it is used most of the day, the battery will last all day.

The charging time will vary depending upon the battery level. I did notice that it took a relatively low amount of time to fully charge it from 30 percent left when plugged into a regular electrical outlet, approximately 3 hours. Whereas, it charges slower when using a car charger.

The Dual window feature allows the simultaneous use of two apps in a split screen configuration. There are two ways to get to the dual window feature. As mentioned before, it is accessible via the “recent apps” key. The second way is to touch and hold the “Back” key. Once the dialog box opens to split the screen simply tap or drag a desired app icon to the top or bottom portion of the screen. Tap the three bar menu key to get the following options: switch the two screens, view the app list, open full screen, and close current app.

The G3 offers two different “Home” screen modes:

Home: typical Android looking screen that displays weather, time, and several different keys.

Easy Home: simplified and easier for inexperienced Android users. Displays weather and time, dialer, and most common keys.

To answer the question in the title, so far, the LG G3 is a home run in my book. It has not frozen once during the months it has been used. The battery last as long as expected during normal usage. Just like other phones, it does come with apps that I do not use. Stay tuned for additional post as I test and adventure through the features and functions of the LG G3.

Stay tuned as we do continued testing and bring you more results.

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