Thali Too Showcases Their New Menu in New Haven

Thali Too, located within the Yale Campus, is a Chef Prasad Chirnomula’s restaurant offering vegetarian cuisine of Indian recently starting offering a new menu featuring non-Indian cuisine, including traditional Asian, Greek and Tuscan salads and sandwiches and home made gourmet soups, all still vegetarian.

“We listened to the community and decided to retool the menu to offer a wider range of menu items,” said Chirnomula.  “In addition to the tried-and-true Indian favorites our guests have come to love, we’ve also added more traditional street food from Southern India, such as Samosas, Chana Tacos, Masala Omelets and Ragda Patties, all served Café style.  From other areas of the world, I’m excited to feature ‘Naanizza’ flat breads with various toppings, pressed garlic naan sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads and gourmet sandwiches.  My goal is to create an inviting, Café like-setting where the community not only comes in to dine with friends and take advantage of our complimentary Wi-Fi, but also takes advantage of our quick serve Coffee and Lassi bar and new ”grab-and-go” box lunches.”

Thali Too New Haven Connecticut

Thali Too, located at 65 Broadway in the heart of the Shops at Yale on the Yale University campus in New Haven. Thali Too is open seven days a week and offers take-out, delivery service and catering.

In addition to the traditional Indian favorites including saag paneer, egg curry, poori bhaji, paratha and dosas, new additions include Asian salad, Greek goddess salad, Tuscan salad and crisp okra salad, tomato and tofu soup, French onion soup  and New England clam chowder. The four new flat bread Naanizzas are made on a special Naan-based crust: Margarita, New Haven with mashed potato, vegetarian bacon and truffle oil, Tuscan and Tikka Masala Cheese. The pressed sandwiches use garlic Naan bread and several with either roasted eggplant, or Caprese and roasted portabella mushroom, regular sandwiches include Croque Monsieur, Croque Madam, vegetarian burger, Falafel and Caprese, and Kathi Roti Wraps: veggies, paneer, or veggie kebabs.

The menu comes on a tablet with pictures for those you like to see what they will look like.

Thali Too New Haven Connecticut Menu

We were invited to come and sample their cocktails and a wide variety of their new offerings.  Starting with cocktails, we had Faithfully Ginger, Delhi Martini, and Mumbai Magarita.

Faithfully Ginger was a refreshing blend of gin, elder flower, ginger, lime and turmeric. The Delhi Martini combined Smirnoff Pomogranate Vodka, Stirrings all natural orange liqueur, lime juice, pomogranate juice. The Mumbai Magarita contained Matador Tequila, lime juice, Stirrings all natural orange liqueur and a spicy lemon chili rim.

Thali Too New Haven Connecticut Indian Cocktails

Several Indian beers are available, including the Tal Majal.

Taj Mahal Indian Beer Connecticut

Starting off the seemingly endless samples was Bhel Poori (Chat). A sweet, sour and spicy emulsion of chat, puffed light rice and lentil noodles.

Bhel Poori Indian Street Food at Thali Too New Haven Connecticut

Up next was Chole Bathura: Spicy chick peas and deep fried naan bread. Yes, the bread does fluff when cooked.

Thali Too New Haven Connecticut

We all were wordless when the server walked out with this super sized Dean’s Dosa: extra large (at least 5 feet long that took two trays to carry) thin rice crepe with a coconut dipping sauce, tempered turmeric potatoes, and paneer kurchan: paneer cheese in tomato butter sauce.

Thali Too Indian Food New Haven Connecticut

Continuing on, we had Chana Tacos: corn tortilla, spiced chickpeas, and cilantro pesto, with cucumber salsa. A Greek Goddess Salad that had Romaine lettuce, Bulgarian feta, olives, red onion, stuffed grape leaf, naan bread with garlic & lemon oil vinaigrette. Naanizza Flat bread New Haven: Mashed potato with vegetarian bacon and truffle oil.

Thali Too New Haven Connecticut

Others dishes offered were: Falafel: Nan bread, chickpea and herb falafel, and Tahini; and Saag Paneer: Garlic spinach and cottage cheese cubes with fenugreek.

Yes, we even had dessert: Gulab Jamun which was deep fried milk balls in honey syrup and Cardamom ice cream.

The restaurant continues to offer its all-you-can-eat Tiffin and Lassi brunch every Saturday and Sunday from noon until 3:00pm. The meal is served in the traditional British “tiffin” style, serving small portions in a non-sequential order.

Thali Too is open seven days a week and offers take-out, delivery service and catering.

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