Slow Control Launches First-Ever “Smart” Baby Bottle

Slow Control, a global leader in connected devices for food intake monitoring, announced today that its latest innovation, Baby Gigl, a smart baby bottle holder, is now available for presale through May 3

Slow Control Launches First-Ever "Smart" Baby Bottle

The new connected smart bottle from Slow Control collects and analyzes data on food intake, feeding speed, lumps and bottle angle. Baby Gigl will alert parents and other caregivers if the bottle angle is producing too many bubbles or if lumps become present, impeding the flow while feeding. These alerts coach parents, nannies, and family members while feeding a baby, making them aware of common follies that cause colic or spit up.

“We understand that new parents face a lot of unknowns, wondering what’s normal, and they begin to doubt if the child is eating too much or too little,” said Jacques Lépine, founder and CEO of Slow Control. “We have worked to develop a practical solution to monitor, share, and correct habits that affect the child’s health. Baby Gigl technology is designed to help parents adjust behaviors, ultimately offering peace of mind.”

Baby Gigl’s collected data is sent to an accompanying smartphone app and baby diary. Using Slow Control’s proprietary Cross-Sharing Technology, parents can easily organize information collected by Baby Gigl and share it with other caregivers and pediatricians. When away from their baby, the bottle holder sends messages via text or email, notifying parents of feedings given by a caretaker.

Slow Control’s Cross-Sharing Technology uses a Bluetooth connection, with a Bluetooth shield function. This function allows the disabling of the Bluetooth signal when the bottle is placed in the Baby Gigl holder. This function prevents the transmission of any Bluetooth signals while the bottle holder is in use.

The 40-day campaign offers a total of 12 perk options to preorder Baby Gigl in a variety of colors, with a goal to raise $80,000. Early birds can preorder one Baby Gigl smart bottle holder for $75, two for $149, and three for $219; prices increase after the first 199 perks are claimed. Additional perk options are available for larger bundles and retailers. All products will be shipped September 2015.

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