Shaving on the Go with the ShaveTech USB Travel Shaver

We received the ShaveTech Personal Shaver to review. The ShaveTech shaver is a small travel shaver that charges via a USB connection. Currently, it is one of only a few shavers that uses this means of charging. The ShaveTech is lightweight, sleek and is smaller than the average smart phone and comes in either black or white.

ShaveTech Personal Shaver

The ShaveTech shaver uses a standard USB port to charge so there is no need to carry charging cords or electrical adapters when traveling to foreign countries. In fact no electrical outlets are required, just an USB port. The USB plug is hidden in the base and folds out when needed. Okay, so you will need an adapter and electrical outlet to plug your laptop into, unless the place you are staying has an electrical outlet that also has an USB port in it. If traveling without a laptop, you may want to look into buying an USB AC power adapter.

ShaveTech Personal Shaver

In addition to the shaver, the ShaveTech comes with brush for cleaning and a cloth carrying case. The outer foil hood of the shaver can be easily removed to clean the blades.

After charging the shaver for 12 hours, I turned it on and was pleasantly surprised that it sounded so powerful. Sounds powerful, but the true test was when I applied it to my two-day old stubble around my beard. It performed extremely well removing the two day growth. It’s lightweight and rectangular shape made it easy to hold and maneuver around by face. It did not appear to lose power during the shave.

The size of the shaver makes it great for travel or just pop it in a gym bag for a quick shave after a workout. Fully charged, the ShaveTech should give you four or five days, if not six days, of shaving without recharging. Besides getting a close shave, I also eliminated any potential issues with having shaving cream in a carry-on bag.

The ShaveTech comes in a handsome box that makes this shaver great for gift giving. The cost is around $29.99. Perfect for Father’s Day, a graduation gift, birthday gift or just buy it for yourself to take on your next trip.

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