The Pocket Poppet: A Convenient Travel Cardigan

During our recent trip to visit family in North Carolina and Luray Caverns in Virginia we had the chance to test out a new product called the Pocket Poppet.

Before our trip, Pocket Poppet contacted us and asked if we would take long their new “cardigan in a pocket” to try out. Always being the person who wants to find “a better way” or more convenient product I said sure thing and received at Classic Poppet the next week.

At first glance you don’t think a cardigan could fit into a small pouch but open it up and viola, out pops a full-size cardigan. I like the fact that the Pocket Poppet is Made in the US and is wrinkle resistant. Those two things alone should make you interested in learning more.

pocket poppet

The pocket stays attached to the jacket, inside, hidden away and you never know it is there and you don’t feel it either. They have done a great job of incorporating it into one of the seams in the back of the cardigan. The reason you don’t know the pouch is there or feel it is because it is made of a very light nylon. It’s strong enough to hold the cardigan when you are done with it and lightweight enough to lay flat.


I love the quality. They use a knit rayon jersey with a small amount of spandex that makes it slightly stretchy. The sleeves are gathered at the wrist with ruching. The little details make this a beautiful cardigan to wear with just about any outfit. I also like the added enhancements on the back with the box pleats and the little sewn-in belt accent.

I opted for the Cobalt Blue and when I wore it out I noticed people staring at me. I think it was because it went well with the scarf I had on and my blue eyes and blonde hair. I love getting noticed and who doesn’t when you look and feel good in what you’re wearing. Having a good hair day doesn’t hurt either!

Once you are ready to put it away you fold it back into the pocket and then you have a compact pouch to store it in your purse, brief case, gym bag, diaper bag or the bottom of a stroller. Use it when you feel a chill, and you’ll have a clean and wrinkle free extra layer for when the weather cools or an indoor space is ultra air conditioned.


Putting the cardigan back into the pouch was a bit tricky though and personally I think they could have just given you a pouch to put it in that was a bit larger and wasn’t attached to the cardigan itself. I understand the concept and why it is sewn in the cardigan – so you don’t lose it and it is easy to find – but it doesn’t work well if you are in a hurry.

Visit to get prices and see the other colors that are available.


  1. MariAnn Knowlton says:

    The whole idea of the Pocket Poppet is to have it fold into it’s own attached bag, otherwise it would just be another sweater!!!! You will get used to folding it in there, there is a learning curve – just like riding a bike!

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