Otto Wood-Fire Pizzeria Opens in Chester

Otto Wood-Fire Pizzeria is now open in Chester, Connecticut. Jonathan Rapp, the owner/chef of River Tavern in Chester opened OTTO at 69 Main Street. This modern and stylish pizzeria is offering a simple and delicious menu to families. The menu, which can change as often as daily, features gourmet pizzas, fresh salads, a limited, but nice selection of beer and wines. For the little ones, there is Avery soda and milk.

They are currently only opened for dinner 7 days a week starting at 5:00 pm. It is first come, first serve with no reservations. Forewarning, it filled up real quick the night we were there and people were waiting.


On the night we visited, which was only three days after they opened, the menu consisted of 6 different pizzas. We decided to sit at the counter, so we could chat with Seth Chapman and watch him perform his magic. We really enjoyed the open kitchen concept. We asked Chef Seth what was his favorite pizza and he suggested the Margherita, so that is what we ordered. We also orderd the Antipasti plate and a few beers. By the way, the pizza only comes in one size and feeds about two people.

Seth told us that the menu will change depending upon available ingredients, buy there may be a couple stable pizzas that remain on the menu. For those people who need a gluten-free option, Otto’s offers a “gluten free (not pizza) pizza,” which is baked polenta margherita topped with basil and stracciatella.

Chef Seth Chapman Otto Chester

We tried several beers featured on the menu – the Dogfish Head 90 min IPA and New Planet gluten free beer. New Planet was okay and reminded me of sake, which is not a surprise because it uses brown rice extract in place of barley. True beer drinkers will not like it but it is a good options for those who need a Gluten-free option.

New Planet Gluten Free Beer

The Antipasti Plate came with an fairly large assortment of salamis, cheeses, olives, nuts, anchovies, and herbs with olive oil dazzled over it. It was a nice variety and very tasty.

Antipasti Plate

The Margherita Pizza was topped with stracciatella, a soft cheese, and fresh basil on top of a thin crust. It was good and had a bit of char on the bottom because of the wood-fried oven. Seth told us it only takes about 3 to 4 minutes for the pizza to cook. We watched as they would turn the pizza every minute or so to make sure it cooked evenly. This pizza is best eaten while hot.

Otto Margherita Pizza

The next time you are closeby, we definitely suggest you try out Otto, located in Chester, Connecticut

Otto Wood-Fire Pizzeria
69 Main Street
Chester, Connecticut 06412

(860) 526-9445

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