Organize and Charge Phones & Tablets With a Signal Power Station

I recently went shopping for an all-in-one smartphone and tablet charging power station. I usually have my iPhone, an iPad mini, two large iPads and an LG G3 smartphone stacked all on top of each other on a table to charge. This is too messy and they aren’t protected from scratches when they are on top of each other. Each phone or tablet also has to be plugged into a wall unit so there are multiple adapters plugged into the wall. I thought there must be a better way organize and charge my devices. I found, and purchased, the Signal Power Station 5 High Performance Universal Charge Dock.

Signal Power Station Phone and Tablet Charge Dock Review

This universal charging station and organizer holds up to 5 devices. I have an iPhone 6, two full-size iPads, one iPhone mini, and an external phone battery all charging at the same time on this docking station.

Universal iPhone Smartphone Tablet Charging Dock Station

There is no setup needed. Just take it out of the box, plug the charging station into a wall outlet, put it on a table, and push the ON button. Lay each phone or tablet in the appropriately sized section and plug them in. Done!

If you use existing charging cables that come with your smartphones, MP3/iPods, or tablets, they will dangle all over so I suggest you tie they up with tie-wraps or purchase 6″ to 8″ cables to use with this charging station. The shorter cable set is only $7.99 so if you purchase the charging station on Amazon you can buy them together to save money.

The only suggestion I would have for the makers of this charging station is that they create a “false bottom” that can be used to store cables in. I really didn’t want to purchase new cables to use on the Signal charging station and I think they should either be included or it should be redesigned slightly to hide existing longer charging cables.

My table top is neat once again and everything charges at one time without having to plug each phone or tablet into a wall unit. The Signal Power Station charges all of my devices quickly and they are always ready when I need them.

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