myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case Review

The myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case for the iPhone5 is designed to give your iPhone extra battery life when you need it. I have been testing it out for a week and it does the trick.

We received a myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Charger Case for review and testing. All opinions and experience are our own. Your experience may be different.

myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case Features:

  • Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery
  • 9+ hours of talk time on 3G
  • 7+hours of browsing on 3G, 10+ on Wi-Fi
  • 44+hours of audio playback
  • 11+hours of video playback
  • Concealed Lightning connector delivers clear access for docking and headphone usage
  • Certified drop-proof phone protection
  • Pre-charged and ready to use

Since this is a charger case don’t expect it to be thin, sleek, or even fashionable. The reason you get a charger case for your iPhone is to give it extra charge when you need it. I would use this case when going on a trip where I wouldn’t be near electricity, when a bad storm is coming and I would also use it if I knew I would be without power for a day, somewhere that I might go where I would be gone a long time and using the Internet to share photos or stream videos, but I wouldn’t use this case for everyday use.

It claims to give you 9 extra hours of talk time. I don’t use my phone to talk much at all but I do use it constantly to check email, post photos on Instagram, check Facebook, tweet, check the weather and read the news. Everyone uses their phone differently so your results are going to be different based on how you use it. I assume that if you are mainly using your iPhone5 to talk then it should give you the 9 extra hours as promised. Most people, however, purchase a smartphone like the iPhone5 to do some of the things I use mine for and also listen to music, watch videos, TV, and text. So, that being said, you may or may not get 9 additional hours from the mCharge case.

The myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case does add additional weight to your phone. Some may not like that. I don’t mind it and actually it makes my phone feel more secure in my hand. I find that the iPhone5 alone is too lightweight and this case makes me remember that I have a phone in my hand.

This phone case is similar to a Mophie but it is a bit more secure in that it grips the phone and it won’t fall out. I recently met someone who owns a Mophie iPhone charger case and she told me that the Mophie damaged their iPhone because it would easily fall out of the case. When you put your iPhone in the myCharge Freedom charger case it locks the phone in place. It has a removable bottom piece that you slide off to insert your phone and then snap it over once it’s securely in the top piece. This is definitely one advantage of this case.

It takes awhile to charge the myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Charger Case completely. I wasn’t actually timing it but I think it was several hours. You know when the case needs to be charged because when you press the button on the back the indicator light will tell you.

Green: fully charged (71 to 100%)
Yellow/Orange: half charged (41 to 70%)
Red: needs to be charge (11 to 40%)
Flashing Red: dead (0 to 10%)

To charge it up, attach the USB cable that comes with the case to plug it into any USB port or your iPhone wall charger. If you leave your case on the iPhone you can charge the phone and the case at the same time. Pull out the tether on the bottom of the charger case and insert it into the iPhone. Then plug the USB cable into the charger case.

To charge your iPhone while it is in the myCharge case, take the tether out of the case and plug it into the iPhone. Then you press and hold the button on the back of the myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Charger Case for 3 seconds until you hear the iPhone start to charge. I was impressed at how fast it charged up the phone. It seemed to only take 15 minutes before it was completely charged up. I didn’t let my iPhone go below 60% battery though before I charged it up again so I am sure that if you let your iPhone battery go way down the myCharge case is going to take a bit longer to charge it up again.

myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case Review

A couple of things I didn’t like:

The tether is one of the things I really don’t like about this case. It is sturdy enough now but I wonder if over time it will break off. It is a little hard to get the tether plugged into the iPhone for charging. However, in the long run, this is not too much of an inconvenience since you only do it once, charge it up, and then put it back in the myCharge case.

It is slightly harder to turn your phone on because the case covers the on/off button. This isn’t that much of an annoyance either though and you can easily live with it.

To remove the case from your iPhone you have to press on the phone’s camera to push it out. This worries me as I really don’t want to press anything on the camera lenses. Thinking about the design of the myCharge case, I am not sure there is another way they could have designed it though to make it hold the iPhone tightly and make it easy to remove. The other way to remove it is to pop off the bottom and then pry off the top part of the case. That might be a better way to remove it than pressing on the camera lense.

myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case Review

The myCharge iPhone5 case comes in a variety of colors with a brushed nickel finish. Colors include silver, black, green, red, royal blue, hot pink, and purple (grape). I own the green case and I like the finish of it. It is smooth in my hand. It is real sturdy and has high-density foam inside that helps protect your phone. I dropped my iPhone face down from about 10 feet up while it was in this case and I had no damage whatsoever.

The headphone jack and volume controls are easy to get to. The case do not cover these. The camera is pretty well protected because the case is raised enough that the camera is recessed inside.

myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone5 Charger Case Review

The┬ámyCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Charger Case does add extra bulk but for what it is designed to do but personally, I don’t find it very heavy or too bulky. You will have a slight problem putting in your back pocket if that is how you carry it around but back to my original point, you purchase this case to give your phone that extra battery time you need, and not really for fashion or to fit into small places.

Retails for $89.99 (Available on for around $39 for the back and $69 for the Silver)

Disclosure: We received a myCharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Charger Case for review and testing. All opinions and experience are our own. Your experience may be different.

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