Kudrone Launches Affordable Palm-Sized Drone

Ruiven, leading designer and manufacturer of mobile devices, today unveiled Kudrone, a palm-sized, smartphone-controlled drone that is taking on leading competitors with its breadth of features and affordable price. Available now for presale on Indiegogo starting at $99, Kudrone takes selfies, panoramic images and live videos on-the-go, both indoors and outdoors. It’s built to have a price tag that is in reach for consumers, but also to have a premium design and stability equal to more costly and complex drones currently used by prosumers, drone enthusiasts, and professional videographers and photographers.

Powerful Capabilities in Compact Design

Built with a throw-to-fly design, the 3.7 inch, 3oz quadcopter is the must-have companion for any adventurer or imaging enthusiast. Users simply toss Kudrone in the air for it to automatically follow them on a hike, side of a cliff, while skiing or during any activity, taking quality photos and videos along the way. It boasts a professional-grade camera that captures in 4K image, HD 1080P and Panoramic 360° aerial photo.

Kudrone palm size drone app

Auto-Pilot and Smartphone Controls

Typically found in high-end drones, Kudrone has a precision sonar hovering feature, built-in GPS and a vision positioning system, which makes it the perfect hands-free flying camera for any budget. With these features, Kudrone automatically tracks users up to 100 feet and snaps shots and HD videos along the way. The drone’s sonar sensors also allow it to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. If Kudrone gets out of range, it returns to the user’s last known position.

It automatically syncs with the iOS and Android accompanying app, which is accessed through a smartphone or Apple Watch. Through this, users also have the option to pilot Kudrone themselves and instantly share footage with peers by livestream.

“The popularity of drones has grown past enthusiasts to consumers, prosumers and content creators. The issue that still remains is current products on the market are either too expensive for everyday people or don’t have enough features. For people to want to use drones regularly during outings or adventures, they need to be simple so users won’t get frustrated or fed up,” said Kayven Zou, director of Ruiven. “We created Kudrone to fill this void by providing people with an affordable, compact and quality option that takes professional-grade videos and images, while offering flexibility through its hovering and vision positioning feature.”

Kudrone palm-size drone

Tech Specs

Allowing users to easily capture their adventures in any circumstance at a reasonable price, Kudrone offers the following design features and capabilities:

  • Size and weight: 3.7 inch body, 3oz
  • Camera: Vision positioning camera captures 4K images, HD 1080P and panoramic photos.
  • Connection: Wi-Fi
  • Range: 100ft
  • Pilot Features: Precision sonar hovering, auto-follow GPS, infrared sensors for indoor and outdoor flying
  • App: Android and iOS compatible. Pilot manually through app or set hovering function. Kudrone automatically syncs video and images through app.
  • Battery: Two rechargeable 650mAH Lithium batteries


Kudrone is available now for presale at Indiegogo.com for a special offer starting at $99 with orders being fulfilled in summer 2017. It comes with a rechargeable battery, charging dock and 16GB of storage memory. After the presale, Kudrone will be available for $169. For more information, please visit www.kudrone.com.

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