Introducing Pumpkin Hummus, Pumpkin Crisps & Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce from Stop & Shop

Did you know that Stop & Shop produces their own private label line of seasonal foods? This Fall season they are presenting all things pumpkin, including the pumpkin hummus we added to our Patriots tailgate party. We also found and tried Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, Pumpkin Cranberry Cracker Crisps, pumpkin & sage ravioli and pumpkin bisque. We are in love with all of these pumpkin foods and are so happy they introduced them. Can’t wait to see what they do next season.

More than 50 seasonal pumpkin-packed products in both the non-perishable and fresh departments can be found in all stores. However, these pumpkin products are only available for a short time, so grab them before they’re gone.

Pumpkin Hummus at Stop and Shop

With a limited launch last fall, Stop & Shop has some new and unique pumpkin products while bringing back some customer favorites. Items range from pumpkin-infused everyday products like pasta sauce, ice cream, waffles and hummus to specialty meal solutions like pumpkin fully cooked organic chicken, pumpkin & sage ravioli and pumpkin bisque. Or pick up pumpkin cheesecake cookies, pumpkin cinnamon rolls or pumpkin gelato for your next autumn celebration!

Pumpkin Cranberry Cracker Crisps

Pumpkin Cranberry Cracker Crisps

For more fall recipes, including pumpkin-related recipes, visit Savory, Fast, Fresh & Easy™ on Stop & Shop’s website.

Stop and Shop Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

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