Holmes Whole House WiFi-Enabled Humidifier with WeMo Review

We received a complimentary Holmes Whole House WeMo-Enabled Humidifier unit to facilitate our review. The opinions and experiences expressed in this article are our own and not those of Holmes or Jarden Consumer Solutions.

Holmes Whole House WiFi-Enabled Humidifier with WeMo Review

We use humidifiers in our house every late Fall and Winter because the air gets so dry in Connecticut. And on top of that we run a wood stove 6 months out of the year, making it even drier in our house than normal. Using a whole house humidifier is great because it covers the whole house (on one floor) and we don’t have to go around filling a bunch of smaller humidifiers each day. The cost of a whole house humidifier runs around $200 so this is right on target at $199. You may purchase the Holmes Humidifier at HolmesProducts.com or Amazon.com (at a discount plus free shipping, top rated product)

Holmes Whole House WiFi WeMo Smart Humidifier Review and Setup

What is WeMo? Well, so far I haven’t actually found an breakdown for the word but I know that WeMo gives you the ability to connect your household appliances in useful and very cool ways to help you be in control even when you aren’t there. “WeMo can talk back, triggering events with online services like Facebook, Evernote, SMS, Google Calendar and many more.”

One thing you will want to be careful of when using any humidifier is that you use only filtered water. We used to buy bottle water but it was too expensive so now we have a faucet water filter in our kitchen and fill the tanks that way. Using unfiltered water is the best way to ruin your humidifier.

Unpacking and setting up the Holmes Whole House WeMo-Enabled Humidifier was super easy. It took less than 5 minutes and we had the two tanks filled with water and ready to go. The two Wick filters slip into place easily. One goes in the back of the humidifier and the other is goes in the front door of the unit.

The Holmes Whole House WiFi-Enabled Humidifier is large, measuring 13″ x 22-1/2″ x 22″ so you will need to allow space for air to circulate around it. We put ours in the front hallway. It weighs around 20 pounds.


Facts about the Holmes Whole House Smart Humidifier

  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • 4 Gallon tank capacity, 2500 sq. ft. coverage; 6.75-gallon output per day
  • 5 comfort levels with 60+ Hours of Run time
  • Pure evaporative cool mist technology
  • Digital controls with auto humidistat, automatically order filters from the app
  • 3 year warranty
  • Includes two wick filters HWF80-U

After plugging it in, filling the tanks with water, and turning it on, you will need to download the Free WeMo app. I have an iPhone 6 so I went to the App store on my phone and found it easily and it installed quickly. The Holmes Whole House Smart Humidifier is compatible with Apple (iOS 7 and higher) and Android (4.0 and higher devices) and your existing Wi-Fi router.

The main menu of the app is very easy to follow and you pick which of the WeMo products you want to set up. Jarden Consumer Solutions, the makers of the Holmes Humidifier, also manufactures other WeMo products including the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, Crock-Pot Slow Cooker, Holmes Large Room Smart Heater, Holmes HEPA Smart Air Purifier, and the Belkin Light Switch so you will also see those listed on the main screen. The next few screens give you step-by-step instructions to show you what to do. Basically, on an iPhone you go to your Settings and make sure Wi-Fi is enabled and choose the Holmes WeMo Humidifier WiFi option. Once selected go back to the app and continue.

Holmes Whole House WeMo Enabled Humidifier Review and setup instructions

The next step is to have the app recognize your device, which it did within a minute. You will need your home Wi-Fi password to connect it at this point. Once the humidifier was recognized, the app told me there was a Firmware update so I chose that option and within 2 minutes, the firmware update was complete. It is important to keep the Firmware updated so it will work properly.

You can enable remote access so you can control your WeMo devices, in this case the whole house humidifier, that are located in your home from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. The app walks you through the process.

The app let’s you know the exact humidity level in the house or area you have the humidifier located in, and gives you the ability to raise or lower the humidity level. You can also set a schedule so it will go on and off and see when you need to change the filters.

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As long as you have push notifications enabled, the app will alert you when your water level is low and the tanks need to be refilled. An amber indicator will also appear on the unit when the water is low.

When I first set it up I had quick connection but after I selected one of the options on the app I lost the connection. This could be from the app but it is move likely my Internet connection as I have this same issue when I am using my iPad too far away from the router. When I closed the app completely and started it over, it immediately found the humidifier again and hours later it is still connected and working properly.

You can still run the humidifier without the app using the controls on the unit itself. The button with the water droplet image is for the Desired Humidity Setting. The fan button is the fan speed settings. The green Wi-Fi indicator button lets you know the Wi-Fi Connectivity Status. If it is green your Holmes Humidifier is connected and Okay. Solid Amber means a poor connection, blinking amber means lost connection, and no light means the power is off. To restore or reset your Wi-Fi connection, just press the center Restore button located under the green WeMo button.


I think WeMo-enabled appliances, lightbulbs and other devices are super convenient because now you have the ability to check on your house while you are away. And the added convenience of not having to get up off the couch to check on the humidity level or make sure the water tanks need to be filled is great. The instructional booklet that comes in the box and is also available on the app will answer just about any other question you have about the Holmes Whole House WeMo Enabled Humidifier


  1. Susan J Randall says:

    This is a great humidifier, but the smart technology leaves a lot to be desired, hence the 4 star rating. The app worked for all of 5 minutes, then dropped out, which I consider a good thing. Why? Because there is no security on the wifi presence this humidifier creates, no password is required or even possible. Any of my neighbors could download the Wemo app and control my humidifier through the network presence it creates. Smart technology needs to be more robust than this, I value security and this isn’t it. I love the humidifier, but the smart technology needs work.

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