HMDX JAM ZZZ Wireless Alarm Clock Review

The HMDX JAM ZZZ Wireless Alarm Clock features a bluetooth wireless connection, dual alarm clock with gradual wake and snooze, built-in speakphone, universal dock for smartphones, sleep feature, and USB port for charging your smartphone or MP3 device. Use it to charge your smartphone every nigh, play music and use as a reliable clock and alarm.

We received an HMDX Jam ZZZ alarm clock to test out and review. All opinions are expressly our own

HMDX JAM Zzz Wireless Alarm Clock Review

HMDX JAM ZZZ Wireless Alarm Clock Features:

Connects Wirelessly up to 30 Feet
The JAM ZZZ bedside sound system can be used to listen to your device wirelessly over Bluetooth. The sound system works with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, pads, notebook computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices–from up to 30 feet away.

Our Experience: Bluetooth is easy to setup. Just enable Bluetooth on your smartphone phone, press the Source button on the JAM unit and you should see it sync on your Smartphone. I walked all over our house which is approximately 2,700 feet on the first floor, and I was able to control the volume with my smartphone everywhere I went. The sound coming through the speakers on the JAM never faded out.

Dual Alarm Clock with Gradual Wake and Snooze
Along with its time-of-day clock, the JAM ZZZ dual alarm clock provides two audible options–beep or FM radio, as well as a gradual wake function where the alarm starts out quietly and slowly gets louder for a non-jarring wake up. By pressing the alarm clock’s snooze button, the alarm will turn off and then sound again in nine minutes. The snooze option can be used six times max, or about an hour, before it turns off completely until the next set time.

Our Experience: The gradual wake and snooze features worked well. The volume starts out quiet and gets louder and louder. I thought this was a good feature instead of having the alarm just “hit” you all at once with a single volume. Originally I thought the JAM ZZZ would use the music I had on my phone or Pandora as the wake up alarm but that is not a feature. The only feature this unit has is a buzz alarm. That was a bit disappointing but the alarm does work well.

Built-In Speakerphone
If a Bluetooth-enabled phone is connected wirelessly to the JAM ZZZ, you can receive calls and speak through the microphone on the unit. To answer an incoming call press the phone-icon button on the unit or the answer button on your phone.

Our Experience: The speakerphone is a great feature to have. I allows you to place the phone anywhere you like and speak through the HMDX JAM ZZZ alarm clock unit. The speakers are powerful and the ease of using bluetooth makes it convenient. Hands-free phone conversations are especially convenient when you are cooking, taking care of a baby, working outside, or lounging on your couch. It is easy to setup as well. Just enable the Bluetooth option on your smartphone to connect to the JAM unit and press the phone button on the JAM to activate the speakerphone. You cannot operate the phone through the JAM. You still have to use the phone feature through your smartphone.

Universal Dock
The JAM ZZZ bedside sound system provides a universal dock that fits any smartphone while streaming audio or charging though the USB port. The sound system also allows for listening to a non-Bluetooth audio device. Just plug the 3.5mm audio cable (not included) into the Aux audio line input located on the back of the unit, and plug the other end of the audio cable into the line out or headphone jack of your audio device.

Our Experience: The dock on the JAM unit is just a placeholder for your phone. It is wide enough for a smartphone measuring approximately 3″ wide. It will definitely hold an iPhone. It has a rubber base and back piece to keep your phone securely in place. Attach your phone’s charger cable and then run it down the back into the slot to keep it out of the way. Then plug it into the USB port and your phone will charge will you listen to music through the JAM alarm clock.

Sleep Feature
While listening to the Bluetooth, digital FM radio, or Aux sources, press the Snooze/Sleep button to activate the sleep feature. This allows for setting the sleep timer for 90, 60, 30, or 15 minutes. Once set, the unit continues playing for the set amount of time, then turns off automatically. A great way to drift off to dreamland.

Our Experience: This feature also worked well. I set the Sleep feature to 15 minutes and had Pandora playing. When 15 minutes past, the JAM alarm clock broke the connection and turned off Pandora and my phone.

What’s in the Box: Jam ZZZ Bluetooth bedside sound system, AC power adapter, CR-2025 back-up battery and instructions.

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HMDX JAM Zzz Wireless Alarm Clock Review

Review Summary: The HMDX Jam ZZZ alarm clock is a solid unit with great sound quality coming from the dual speakers (one on either side of the unit). It is very easy to setup and understand how to use. There is no option to use your phone for the alarm clock. The speaker phone works great and has clear reception.  Having an added USB port for charging is another convenience. The sound coming from the speakers is very clear with a lot more bass and clarity that expected. There is no bass booster on this unit but I found that it didn’t need it as the sounds were very rich. The backup battery is a great feature to have because it keeps the clock running when you unplug the unit from the wall. While the JAM unit does come with a working radio and attached antenna, I found it hard to get any radio stations to come in clear enough to listen to. There is no way to save a radio station on a re-set button or setting if you do find one you want to use. I wouldn’t purchase this item if I planned on using it to listen to the radio. The numbers on the clock are big and super easy to read, even in the middle of the night when you wake up and can’t see very well in the dark. You can also adjust the brightness of the clock face to super dim, medium and super bright. The alarm(s) are easy to read and will show in the display if it is active. The only feature I was disappointed the JAM Zzz didn’t offer was the ability to use the music on the phone as the alarm.

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