Fairfield County Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes From Connecticut’s Gold Coast

Are you looking for new and unique recipes to try? What about eating out? If you live in Connecticut, Fairfield County has an abundance of restaurants just waiting to be discovered. Fairfield County Chef’s Table is a new book written by two talented women from CT Bites. Fairfield County Chef’s Table is more than a cookbook. It will also introduce you to many Fairfield County restaurants and chefs but some of the chefs’ most popular recipes that you can make at home.

Fairfield County Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from Connecticut's Gold CoastFairfield County, with its diverse landscape, consists of many towns and cities which with their own selection of delicious cuisine.  The Gold Coast, as it it is often referred to due to its proximity to New York City, is home to some of the country’s toniest neighborhoods, such as Greenwich and Southport, the historic port city of Norwalk, the corporate-minded Stamford, and the diverse Bridgeport. Elegant dining, highly populated downtown dining areas, and neighborhood hotspots are equally at home along this dense and diverse tract of land. Within Fairfield County’s suburban centers are towns such as Ridgefield, New Canaan, and Westport, where historic Main Streets and cultural landmarks drew families to live. Resulting in an abundances of reclaimed taverns, farmers’ markets, and upscale dining establishments scattered within family-friendly towns. The northern area of Fairfield County, where quiet communities such as Easton and Wilton are surrounded by protected and undeveloped land, is home to farmland and several farm-to-table restaurants.

This book, being released by Globe Pequot Press on April 15th, 2014, provides the home cook with over 50 of Fairfield County’s most celebrated restaurants, brought to live by 200 full-color photos featuring enticing dishes, famous chefs, and local flavor. Fairfield County Chef’s Table (978-0-7627-8641-1 paperback, $24.95) by Amy Kundrat and Stephanie Webster.

Inside you discover:

  • All the best in the way of food that Fairfield County has to offer
  • Numerous recipes from top local chefs in the area
  • Dozens of dining tips
  • Profiles of the restaurants and chefs

Not only does the book contain some amazing recipes from talented chefs, it includes information about the restaurant where they showcase their culinary talent on a frequent basis. Throw in amongst the recipes are tidbits of information about where some of these chefs get their local products that they use to create the recipes; such as Red Bee Apiary, SoNo Market Place, and Norm Bloom and Sons. One can also find where to get the best tacos, visit a classic diner or dive, enjoy a frozen treat, treat yourself to a great burger, or visit a mobile restaurant (food truck) in Fairfield county.

The recipes in the book range from coffee to juice drinks to roasted duck to apple raspberry crumb pie and a variety of delightful sounding recipes in between. For the barbeque enthusiasts there is the Brisket & Beef Burnt Ends from Bobby Q’s in Stamford or if you are looking for a “Southern” style meal, try the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Apple Corn-bread Waffles from Terrain Garden Cafe in Westport.

An excerpt from the book
Bobby Q's Stamford and Westport

This collaboration of recipes and more sets the stage for the culinary experience that both residents and travelers to Connecticut can experience.

About CT Bites

CT Bites is a web-based community built by and for people who love food in Connecticut. Founded in 2009 by Stephanie Webster, the site has grown to include executive editor Amy Kundrat, a dozen contributors and thousands of enthusiastic eaters just like you. We launched the site from our home base in Fairfield County and we’re now eagerly poised to embrace the entire Nutmeg state.

About the authors:

Fairfield County Chef's Table, Author Amy Kundrat

Amy Kundrat is the executive editor of CTbites, the award-winning website devoted to chronicling great food in Connecticut, especially her home in Fairfield County. A communications specialist with a concentration in new media, Amy’s career leading external communications teams has taken her from world-class art museums, to technology start-ups, and academic institutions. She currently works in New Haven at Yale University, where she indulges in the city’s vibrant food-truck scene. She lives in the woods of northern Fairfield County with her husband.

Fairfield County Chef's Table, Photographer Stephanie Webster

Stephanie Webster is the editor in chief and founder of CTbites.com. Born and raised in New York City by parents who design restaurants for a living, she developed a passion for finding out-of-the-way gems during weekly trips to the depths of Chinatown and frequent trips abroad. Professionally she began her career as a photo editor in the magazine industry and then migrated to the world of new media consulting and website building during New York’s first dot-com wave. She led strategy, brand development, site architecture, and content development assignments for top consumer brands. A seven-year excursion to Seattle exposed her to a casual yet innovative approach to food that hadn’t yet made it to the East Coast. When she relocated back to Connecticut, she made it her quest to find great food and support a community of eaters that live for their next meal.

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