Check out the New Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground

Bear Creek Campground Bristol, Connecticut is opening to the public in early July and offer guests tent sites, TeePees, cabins and RVs. The campground is owned by and shares property with the oldest continuously operating amusement park in the country, Lake Compounce Family Theme Park. Guests will be able to not only rent camp sites, cabins and tipis, but will also be able to purchase two-day passes to Lake Compounce for the price of a general one-day ticket. From riding the award winning wooden coaster, Bolder Dash, and splashing in Connecticut’s largest water park, Crocodile Cove, it’s a deal that can’t be beat. With the theme park just a short walk or tram ride away, guests can easily travel back and forth between their site and the park for the ultimate family fun experience.

As an incentive for guests to book multiple nights, a 10% discount is offered when booking two or more nights, and a 15% discount when booking five nights or more. All Platinum Season Pass holders receive 15% off of any length reservation.

Bear Creek Campground Discount Coupon: take $7.00 off the regular Admission gate price via Lake Compounce using promo code SUMMER2014.

Facts from the Bear Creek Website:

The Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground is a brand new 15 acre campground which features 20 fully furnished cabins that sleep up to 10 people, 56 RV sites with water and electricity hook ups, and 30 tent sites. In addition, five tipis have been added to the campground; each sleeping six and equipped with cots, electrical outlets and a miniature refrigerator. The campground also has a main lodge that features a general store for stocking up on camping staples, as well as a 24-hour restroom, shower and laundry facility. Each campsite has a picnic table perfect for games and meals, and a campfire pit for barbeques and simply relaxing.

Brand New Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Offers Thrills and Chills

Our Experience and Bear Creak Campground Review

We had the chance to go out and see the new campground for ourselves. I do have to note, that during our visit, the campground wasn’t completely finished because we visited during a media event before it was due to open to the public. We also didn’t stay overnight so we can’t share that experience with you. If you are booking a stay, I suggest you call ahead to make sure they are ready.

To find Bear Creek campground, just go to Lake Compounce and tell them at the parking lot ticket booth that you are staying at the campground. You will be directed to the entrance of the campgrounds, which is to the far left of the main parking lot.

Another note, we weren’t able to see the RV or TeePee campground area finished because it wasn’t setup yet so we can’t talk much about that.

The Staff

The staff was super friendly and we loved their enthusiasm and their camp outfits. The kids will get a kick out of the mascot too.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Mascot

The Cabins

We walked through one of the cabins and fell in love with them. They are brand new and give you the feel of staying in a cabin in the mountains. The walls and ceiling are all made out of wood. They will fit 6 comfortably but will also hold up to 10 people. There are two regular size bedrooms, a built-in double bunkbed unit in the hallway (across from the bathroom), and a loft above that will probably fit 4 people. There are no beds in the loft so sleeping bags or cots should be brought in. The ceiling in the loft is angled so you can’t stand up straight, well, unless you are 4 years old.

The kitchen comes furnished with pots, pans, dishes and silverware as well as dish washing soap. There is an air conditioner with a remote control, flat screen TV on the wall across from the dining table, microwave, and free WiFi available. There is a fully working bathroom across from the bunkbeds that includes a tub and shower.

If you stay in the cabins, you will also get a $9.00 discount off our Lake Compounce ticket price. See the website for current details.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Cabins

I just wanted to stay awhile and “visit”. The cabins are warm and inviting and will be a lot of fun to stay in this summer.

They offer laundry service! How neat. Call and they will pick up your bag of laundry and do it for you! This is a special service if you stay in one of the cabins. You can also do your own laundry as well.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Cabins

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Cabins

As you see, the cabins weren’t quite finished during our visit. When the campground opens, there will be white fencing around the bottom of each cabin and pretty landscaping.

Check out our video walk-through of the cabin

[iframe: width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]
Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground Cabins

The Campsite

We were not really impressed with the campsite area overall. They do not offer any type of running water or electricity and there are no bathrooms or showers on the actual campsite. There are bathroom facilities, showers and a laundry room available attached to the campground’s store. This is about 300 to 400 feet (about the length of a football field) from the campsite so it could be a problem if you need “to go” during the night. There is only one bathroom facility for the whole campground (campsites, RVs, TeePees, cabins). Of course, people staying in the cabins and RVs will have their own bathroom.

While you are able to park at the campsite, they do not offer parking next to your specific campsite.

When we asked about the campsites, we were told they were considered “rustic” so keep that in mind. You are provided with a campsite, firepit, trashcan, and picnic table.

All of these things that we experienced could change since our visit so we do suggest you call ahead and ask about water, electricity, parking, and bathroom/shower accommodations.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground campsites

Note: The chairs you see in the photo above are not included.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground campsites tents


There will be daily crafts and games for the kids, but there is no playground, swimming pool, or even creek (we found that a bit odd since it is in their name). However, you will most likely spend your days at Lake Compounce so by the time you come back to the campground you will be tired and probably won’t want a lot of activities. Just sitting around the campfire at night can be a lot of fun.

Here are just some of the fun activities they have planned (subject to change):

  • Wake up with Kyle the Crocodile
  • Freeze Dance
  • Dizzy Water Toss
  • Kickball Game
  • Make Bug Jars
  • Glow in the Dark Bowling
  • Hula Hoop Mania
  • Type Dye Fun
  • Hiking Game
  • Do you want to build a snowman?
  • Check the website for this week’s activity schedule

As noted above, this may change since our visit and you should definitely ask about activities for kids.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground activities

The Store

We also loved visiting the main store at the Bear Creek Campground. It is state of the art and has all kind of little extras like a board where you can pick up your family photo and see other families who are staying at the campground. There are large checkers and chess boards with benches so you can sit and play. You will find fully stocked coolers full of water, sodas, juices, sandwiches and more. The kids will get a kick out of the full-size bear that greets you. You will find ready-to-use stacks of firewood, benches for sitting and just fun stuff hanging all around.

Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground stores

Hopefully Bear Creek Campground at Lake Compounce will get better as they grow and please keep in mind that we visited when it wasn’t open to the public yet. We do suggest you call ahead and ask about some of the things we mentioned.

Reservations for Bear Creek Campground are now being accepted online at Sites start at $35 per night, and campers may purchase discounted tickets to Lake Compounce Theme Park and Crocodile Cove Water Park upon checking in. Group rates will also be available. Visit or call 860-583-3300 x6905 for additional details.

For another perspective on the campground, visit and check out Julie’s review.

If you visit Bear Creek Campground, please tell us what is new and share your experience below


  1. Toni Freda says:

    We visited Bear Creek Campground July 11-12th, 2014. We booked over the phone. We tried booking several times, but no one answered the phone. We finally got through after several attempts.

    The rate we were given was $180 per nite for a 4 person handicap accessible cabin. (We are not handicap, but this was all that was available/ cabin 16).
    We booked for 2 nites! The night before our arrival we tried calling to confirm and ask some last minute questions… Again, no answer on the phone.
    So, we arrive! Disappointing off the bat! No big welcome sign, no colorful flowers, plants or trees, NO GRASS!!! Gravel and dirt EVERYWHERE! We enter through the store… There is NO sign that states check in, no one greets us as we walk into the store. Teenage workers are busy doing much of nothing…
    Once in the store ( the store is cute, seems this is the only place they put any effort) we still do not see a sign that states check in at register, etc.
    We go to register, check in… The girl at the desk was nice, but very uninformative. She did not offer us a map, did not tell us where our cabin was, did not welcome us, did not tell us anything!!! We finally had to ask and she told us our cabin was out back…

    We were so excited to see our cabin, until we actually saw where it was. Literally it is placed on dirt with several tractor, bob cats and construction men working outside of it. Not a plant, not a tree, not even a 2 x 2 patch of grass. Okayyyyyyy…. We try to remin cheerful for the kids and enter the cabin. It’s cute, kitchen, 1 small bedroom, a nice bathroom. The kitchen has 3 pots… THAT IS IT! Not a cup, no silverware, no can opener, NOTHING! The 2 beds have 3 pillows. We are disappointed. We walk around outside to see if we are missing something…WE ARE NOT! This is not a campground. This is a few cabins and TiPis plopped down in a parking lot! The kids cannot even play outside because there are construction trucks driving back and forth no to mention there is NOT a patch of grass to run on.

    We go back to the store and explain this to the manager… He is nice. Devan. He seems about 18 yrs old. He refunds us the $42pp we paid for the 5 of us to go to Lake Compounce amusement park. He also explains that a pillow and extra linens will be dropped off to us in our cabin later that day!
    We rush over to the park since there is NOTHING to do here, and I mean NOTHING! We have an amazing time there! The park is great! We say til closing. We return to the campground and it is pitch black, dead and BORING! There is a movie showing on a movie screen set up on the dirt, but it’s bring your own chair which was never advised to us and of course you can’t sit on a towel unless you want to it on gravel! Boo!

    We get tomthe cabin and see no pillow or linens have been delivered. We walk over to the store, but it’s closed… The kid washing the window tells us he saw 1 pillow, but it’s gross! Ok, we do not want the one gross pillow! He then asks another girl and the manager who tells us someone requested a pillow 3 days ago, so they have no more! Not sure what 3 days agonhas to do with now, but ok. We decide to toast marshmallows on our fire pit. We made our win fun! We then got our flashlights and walked around. No music, no sign of life or fun… It was like being in an empty mall parking lot! So sad.
    We returned to our cabin to play some games and have some of our own fun! We went to bed with anticipation of seeing Kyle the Crocodile in the morning. We were told (with zero enthusiasm) he greets the kids at 9:30am by walking around and waking everyone up and poses for pictures!

    Well we wake up after warding off moths and ants all night to catch a glimpse of a very lethargic crocodile passing by our cabin window in the back of a golf cart! He never waved, never stopped… I’m not sure if it was really even a costume character or a stuffed animal.

    We return to the manager and tell him we cannot stay another night! We did not leave NYC to sit in a parking lot! We wanted to camp. He refunds our mone for the 2nd night! So long Bear Creek! If you are not 100% ready to host guests, you should NOT charge the same price $180per night!!! Too bad!!! Could be a cute place!

  2. The campground has no water spigot to wash your pots/pans. No idea how anyone could stay more than a single night here. Do not walk barefoot here either – they did not yet remove the roots and stumps in the tent area nor are there any signs or trails. There are no lights at night either so people looking for the bathrooms will walk right into your site, which are so close you can almost hear all the other campers conversations. Also the staff are apathetic college kids who could care less about the campers in their care. They are inept, uninformed, and are more focused on giving you a friendly greeting than they are actually serving their customers. We love Lake Compounce & will continue to come here but this campground is not ready for the public yet… It still looks like a construction zone- they should’ve waited another year or 2 to open- we will not be back even though we booked another camping trip for next month.

  3. As soon as we arrived we were overcharged and had to argue for the state of ct dcp get one free law on consumables. We are avid campers and only came here for the kids, that being said the bathrooms are eons away and sometimes out of TP (thank goodness my daughter was there to help out) but when she pulled on her dispenser, it came off the wall. there are no little lights at all on the roadway to the bathroom and the cars go too fast. the trashcans are to far apart and you may not have access to one. there is nowhere to wash dishes as you have no access to a water spiggot. the ground has not been york raked well and it looks like rain so i see where all the puddles will be in our site, boo, and no shade to speak of. the firewood is highway robbery 1 log cut into 6 pieces for 5.99 and the tram went down today, sowe had to use the backup ADA tram but it had sharp pieces of metal sticking out and i got cut in 4 spots. this morning we tried to buy coffee…they had no milk or cream, they said we could go to dunkin in the park (opens like 3 hours after we wanted coffee), its a cute idea but not ready for the public yet. i thought for sure they would do something since i got cut but nope… just i can drive my own car over or see the parmedics… this place is not worth the $$ even for the novelty for the kids. i like the park but this campground, even by barbie camping standards is a joke

  4. After I posted this my daughter and I made another long dark trip to the ladies room and it was in diplorable condition, the woman’s sanitary boxes overflowing and to with human waste on it on the floor, I just had her use a different stall but there are only 5 for the whole facility. We checked out and no one asked how are stay was or made any of this right..we woke up to a gentleman screaming obscenities about not being able to sleep, nice… people have kids here, and you woke everyone up. If anyone had tried to fix this it would have made me happier, the kids had fun at the park, but we won’t be camping there any time soon. Seriously after all that and so many things wrong, you don’t even offer a discount?

  5. Christian says:

    Took my son here for his 12th Bday July 22. This place is far from ready to have campers visit, no shade trees at all, no paved sites for RVs, No Pool not even one in plans, construction equipment all over and at this point the price they charge for the sites are about $15 – $20 dollars higher then they should be based on site conditions. We visited the Camp store, WOW talk about Highway robbery, the prices were about $5.00 higher per item then the local area stores, $5.00 for 12 eggs $7.50 for a package of graham crackers and $5.00 for marshmellows $5.99 for 1 fire log cut into six pieces (Bring your own wood if you can). Make sure you have everything you need or stop at Target on your way in, Right off I-84 when you exit.. I don’t think I would reccomend this place over surrounding campgrounds,
    Only good thing about this place is its cheaper then a hotel, and it is close to the park. DO NOT STAY HERE IF YOUR RV HAS NO or POOR AIRCONDITIONING, you will not last in the summer sun.

  6. Sylvia V. says:

    my sister and law and my family decided that it is time to take our kids camping. I had been camping before and thought of tents but when she mentioned to me that lake compounce had a new camping place with cabins we started looking it up. We loved what we saw on the internet and made reservations. She and I spent weeks planning and checking things out and figuring what to take just in case. We planned meals, things to do with the kids and we were involved with the activities for the kids. (which I had been camping before) When we get there early we loved what we saw and we both were next to each other so our kids can play together. We set up the tables and the grills the way we wanted to set up and it was great. We walked and checked the facility and we just kept saying wow. We LOVED THE CABINS. We had enough space for each family. Everything was clean and we had no problems when it came to asking info at the store. We spent one day with the kids adventuring and camping and firewood, marshmallows. We did a two day pass to the park and that in itself was great. We had a family dinner one of the nights. We did a big breakfast/brunch with both families. If we needed something in emergency, we would go to a nearby target. We agreed we were well prepared for everything and I think the minor things like a stopped up bathroom, I think they need someone available at night for those emergencies and they even took care of that problem very quickly. I know that next time, we will be more prepared. We ALL LOVED THE EXPERIENCE AND WILL BE RETURNING TO BEAR CREEK with more family next year.

  7. My wife and I were one of the first campers at Bear Creek (Lake Compounce)…. when we first arrived, we did noticed the Heavy Equipment and the landscape was not complete but the bathrooms are new…..after parking the RV, we were shuttled by golf car to the park. We used our season passes and had a great time at the park….we were shuttled back and later made a camp fire and enjoyed the rest of the night. The following day we woke up, ate and returned to the park for more fun…..later that day, our friends stop by, we had a BBQ and just enjoyed camping…..It was really nice and enjoyable, we stayed there a few more times over the summer and each time it was better….can’t wait for 2015 season…

  8. Mark Rivera says:

    Went this weekend pass July 10,11,12 great place to stay cabins are beautiful can’t wait to do it again kids love it as well

  9. Christine Herkommer says:

    My family and i spent 3 days at the Lake Compounce Campgrounds and we did not want to leave. Michael Cordani, the Bear Creek Campground Manager, couldnt be nicer or more helpful. From the time we checked in, until the time we left, he was there with a smile on his face, each and every time. He helped us through every request, every question, and even through a problem we had. His entire staff greeted us with smiles and were so friendly.
    We had the pleasure of trying out 3 different sleeping arrangements. The 2 bedroom cabin was large, beautiful, clean and accommodated multiple family members and friends. The following evening we moved into the 1 bedroom cabin and the kitchen/dining area was huge. So was the enormous bathroom. There were 2 full sized beds. Again, clean and wonderful area. We also had the Cubhut which was so quaint, cute and beautifully decorated. My husband and I ended up sleeping there and we loved it! Finally: privacy!
    We attended the Balloon Festival that weekend and again. Michael, was so helpful with information and directions. We even tried out several restaurants in the area as per his suggestion and they were wonderful and delicious.
    The following morning, it was so peaceful and friendly at the campgrounds, that we sat outside out Cubhut in the Adirondack chairs and watched the sunrise, the children play in the park, and relaxed. Again – we did not want to leave.
    I cant thank Michael and his staff enough. He was a pleasure to speak to and I hope the next time we stay, we get to see him again. He made the entire stay fantastic!


  1. […] Something else new from Lake Compounce: Bear Creek Campground, a new camping spot in central Connecticut. Located just outside the amusement park (to the left of the parking lot). We attended a media event to get a sneak peek, and although they weren’t quite finished setting up when we visited, I can tell you a bit about what you’ll find. You can also check out the review from Wendy over at Connecticut Lifestyles Magazine! […]

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